Topics: Management, Quality control, Customer Pages: 1 (644 words) Published: November 2, 2014
TheoristMajor Concepts Process of Theory ProposedProcess-Driven Quality Requirements Customer-Driven Quality Requirements Company Example That Has Applied This TheoryDemingProblems in a process are not rooted in motivation or commitment of the workforce, but is due to flaws in the design of the system.PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, act). 14 points to transform management practices.Many of his 14 points are process-driven, such as breaking down barriers between departments will lead to a reduction of waste, errors, and delay. His idea on constantly improving the system of production and service is customer-driven because it focuses on providing the best possible products to customers.ToyotaJuranFocuses on parts of the organization, not whole. He also defined quality as fitness for use, and developed concept of cost of quality. Three basic steps to progress Ten steps to quality improvement The Juran Trilogy Jurans Pareto PrincipleJuran was an engineer and he firmly believed that quality does not happen accidentally, therefore all of his theories are process driven organizations need to determine who its customers are and plan for quality through every step of the process.Quality planning is the first stage of his trilogy and is basically aligning an organizations products and processes with customers needs.Bausch LombIshikawaHe focused on user friendly quality control and emphasized the internal customer.Cause and effect diagram (fishbone diagram) Quality circlesHe emphasized on the internal customer, meaning that during each step in the creation of a product or service, the department will need to treat the next department as a customer, so that quality is controlled at every step. This is how Isikawas method is process-driven because every process is tightly connected to the next.His quality requirement is customer-driven because he pushed for the concept of company wide quality control that called for continued customer service. He believe that management...
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