Role of Stakeholder Paper

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Role of Stakeholder Paper
June 17,2013

Role of Stakeholder
What is the role of the stakeholder in implementing a quality management process? Each stakeholder has a different part to play in this process and each have very specific roles. Most organizations already have this process put into place. The stakeholders are the individuals whom get affected the most because of the quality management process that is implemented.
Role of Stakeholders in Implementing a Quality Management Process
The role of stakeholders in implementing a quality management process is crucial in the development of a quality management process for the organization. Practicing a quality management process entails having a corporate culture that has a primary focus on product quality and that stresses collaboration in the form of teamwork between all the corporation stakeholders. Prior to the development of an effective quality management process the requirements and stakeholders expectations must be identified and an understanding of the relationships between stakeholders will facilitate the corporate management and alignment of applicable quality standards and procedures prior to implementation to attain its objectives. Stakeholders must work in collaboration with each other to achieve common goals as a product that is gained through this combined team effort. The main relations for an organization are not only with its consumers but also would include its relationships with the employees, suppliers, partners, investors, and government regulators, and other stakeholders that may affect the general market environment in which the organization operates. All of the stakeholder relationships make up a very important network that when altered in any way can produce a domino effect on the interdependent relationships that exist between the organization stakeholders. This is when a quality management process can create success in meeting internal and external customer,

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