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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance The purpose of Quality Assurance is to ensure quality in all aspects of assessment. This is done through the processes of internal and external verification. Internal Verification As part of the process of checks to ensure that national standards are maintained‚ all assessors’ assessment decisions are subject to a process of verification. An internal verifier monitors assessment decisions made by the assessor to ensure they are consistent‚ fair‚ valid and reliable.

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  • Quality Assurance in Nursing

    UNIT-8 QUALITY ASSURANCE Introduction The field of quality assurance is an old as modern nursing. Florence Nightingale introduced the concept of quality in nursing care in 1855 while attending the soldiers in the hospital during the Crimean war. It is a matter of pride for nurses that the nursing profession has attained a distinct position in the search for quality in health care. Quality is rapidly becoming concern to both consumers and the providers of the services. In health care quality is being

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  • Internal Quality Assurance

    Candidate Learning Log NCFE Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice 501/0889/X Candidate Name: Centre Number: Centre Name: Signatures Candidate: Date: Tutor/Assessor: Date: Internal Moderator*: Date: External Moderator*: Date: * for completion if part‚ or all‚ of the evidence has been sampled by the Internal and/or External Moderator Contents Page No. Section 1: Overview 1 - About

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  • Discussion on Quality Assurance

    DISCUSSION ON QUALITY ASSURANCE Q1) Explain the regulations and requirements for internal quality assurance in own area of practice. 1.4 “Centre staff should familiarise themselves with the structure‚ content and assessment requirements of the qualifications before designing a course programme. Centres may design course programmes of study in any way which: • best meets the needs and capabilities of their candidates • satisfies the requirements of the qualifications. When designing and delivering

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  • quality assurance

    Quality Improvement in Health Sector Since NPM (New Public Management) approach in Public Sector many things have changed. Public services became much more consumer oriented. Public servants of modern time have much more different approach towards people than before. One of the major influences on that comes from Private sector. Many services provided by public sector today can also be provided in Private sector. Of course those services of private sector are more expensive than in

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  • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Processes

    Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Processes in Advanced Massage In this report I shall be considering the role of quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement (QI) processes within the Advanced Massage Course I wish to focus on how these processes relate to the process of assessment for both students and tutors. QA is used in all areas of work from Hospital Procedures to Manufacturing processes‚ it can be defined as ‘a systematic process of verifying that a product or service being

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  • Implementing and using Quality Assurance

    EUA CASE STUDIES 2008 IMPLEMENTING AND USING QUALITY ASSURANCE: STRATEGY AND PRACTICE A SELECTION OF PAPERS FROM THE 2ND EUROPEAN QUALITY ASSURANCE FORUM european students’ union Copyright © 2008 by the European University Association All rights reserved. This information may be freely used and copied for non-commercial purposes‚ provided that the source is acknowledged (© European University Association). Additional copies of this publication are available for 10 € per copy for

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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance Quality assurance is based on setting agreed quality standards at all stages in the production of a good or service in order to ensure that customers’ satisfaction is achieved. It does not just focus on the finished product. This approach often involves self-checking by workers of their own output against these agreed quality standards. The key differences between the two methods are that‚ quality assurance: a. puts much more emphasis on prevention of poor quality by designing

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  • Functions of Internal Quality Assurance

    Explain the function of internal quality assurance in learning and development. It is the role of the IQA (Internal Quality Assessor) to uphold the credibility and respect of the qualifications being undertaken. IQA supports this by ensuring candidates and employers are aware of the role the qualification will play in improving business via understanding policies‚ process and procedures and so bottom line. This is under pinned via visits to employers and candidates on site use of Service Level

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  • Woolworths' Quality Assurance Standards

    Description of how Woolworths manages quality and determine how effective Woolworths is at managing quality. Under the strategic objective of protecting customer trust‚ Woolworths has a defined policy that applies to all its business units to ensure quality is maintained at the highest level and is consequently a positive reflection of the overall Woolworths brand. This policy is entitled ‘Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard “protecting customer trust”‚ version 6 June 2009’. Woolworths has

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