MGT 420 Week 5 Final Exam

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Hoshin Kanri Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: October 30, 2014
MGT 420 Week 5 Final Exam 1) __________ refers to the propensity for a product to perform consistently over its useful life. 2) Like engineers, operations managers are very concerned about product and process design. However, rather than focusing on only the technical aspects of those activities, operations concentrates on the __________ of these activities. 3) __________ refers to the efficiency with which a product achieves its intended purpose. 4) Which type of power is derived from the possession of special knowledge (or the assumption that a person has special knowledge) 5) __________ is the process by which a leader influences a group to move toward the attainment of super ordinate goals. 6) __________ goals are those goals that pertain to achieving a higher end that benefits not just the individual, but the group. 7) __________ is concerned with monitoring process capability and process stability. 8) Business cases, process mapping, voice of the customer, change management, and problem/objective statements are used in the ______ Six Sigma process. 9) A firms understanding of the customers, their needs, and their wants is referred to as 10) The three aspects of Jurans trilogy are 11) The development and dissemination of the basic seven tools of quality was the work of 12) Feigenbaums primary contribution to quality thinking in America was his assertion that 13) The model of reactive customer-driven quality shows 14) Process design in services has traditionally focused on the 15) The view of the customer that asserts that he or she is a valued asset to be managed is referred to as 16) Your author indicates that although statistical inspection is an important approach to improving quality, it is inherently 17) Quality experts agree that quality can be assured only during the 18) The core of quality management variables contains 19) Strategic planning has two important dimensions. These are 20) Strategic planning implies planning for 21) The ten determinants...
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