Mgt 311 Week 3 Quiz

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MGT/311 Quiz

1. Julie smiles and acts politely toward a customer at her checkout, even though she really deeply dislikes this customer. What is the term used to explain the disparity between the emotion Julie displays and the emotions she is actually experiencing?

a. Emotional exposure
b. Felt emotions
c. Emotional dissonance
d. Emotional distance

2. Sharon is unhappy in her job for many reasons. Yesterday a customer asked her where the shampoo was located. Sharon listlessly replied, "I don't know." She then turned her back on the customer and continued stocking the shelf.

This is an example of how job satisfaction can affect

a. employee OCB
b. customer satisfaction
c. absenteeism
d. turnover

3. During an annual review, Mitchel made the following assertion: "When I look at myself and my performance I see that what I have achieved is outstanding and has, not surprisingly, won me the admiration and envy of most of my colleagues. I notice that everyone keeps talking about me; they are all just waiting to find out what triumph I will pull off next! In short, I don't just deserve a raise, but need one, since without me, let's face it, the place would simply fall apart." Which of the following is probably the best descriptor of Mitchel's personality?

a. Type A
b. External locus of control
c. Narcissistic
d. High Mach

4. Mrs. Jonas believes strongly that it is important that worker's rights be respected, and that one of the more important ways of doing this is to ensure that all workers be properly documented. She is supervising a contracting company that is building a new warehouse for her company. While doing this, she discovers that many of the workers employed by the contractor are undocumented aliens working for well below minimum wage.

Mrs. Jonas comes to you for an explanation of why she is so uncomfortable. You might refer her to the theories of

a. Hofstede
b. Maslow
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