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Understanding communication within a business place or group can be difficult with diversity and a multitude of ways to manage a topic or task. There are a wide variety of hindrances within a group or organization that keep a person or group from succeeding. Identifying the best method to pursue and achieve success of a task within a group is best done with an open mind and creativity. Not one person has all of the answers; therefore it is imperative to listen to others and their opinions. Whether working on an individual level or within a group, understanding and accepting diversity and

opening up to creativity allows the doors of success to open. Deadlines can be attained by

using more hands and ideas. More people involved leads to more creativity and more

alternatives to attaining the goal. Working in groups is an effective way to manage time

and achieve success.

On a given day at the office, the average person will embark upon a task in which

they cannot fulfill by the deadline or do without additional resources. Unable to meet the

deadline before the project is even started is one reason for a group to form. The

individual given the task can call upon assistance from peers to assist. This, in part,

makes the individual, whom has created the group, the leader. Being a leader in this

instance, the individual will want people who are motivated to assist them. They also

want to gather individuals who have the resources, such as time, knowledge, and open-

mindedness. This leader delegates work to the members of the newly-formed team to

enable he or she to accomplish the task in the allotted time frame. This situation occurs in

larger corporations where the ability to create small groups such as this is allowable. A

leader, again, in this instance, has formed a group of which all members are working

together for group success which is in turn process as a success for the leader.

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In many large organizations, a manager will create a work group to come up with

new and innovative ideas for product. The manager will choose people who best fit their

idea of a diverse team. Typically, a diverse team has a multitude of beliefs or religious

backgrounds. They will have women and men or some of this department and that

department. Mixing up the team allows for creativity to be exposed. As with any group,

there is always a leader. For the manager choosing the team or group, they likely have in

mind which will be the strong suitor is for this and call upon them. Understanding their

employees’ knowledge and expertise is important so that the manager can create a

dynamically versed group of open-minded and creative individuals who can achieve

success within the time frame allotted.

In any group, understanding the different attributes of a successful group will

allow better group-making decisions on the manager’s part. Being able to identify the

strengths and weakness of people within their organization, enough to know who is right

for the group, is imperative for success. If the manager or person choosing the group does

not properly identify and call upon unique or diverse, knowledgeable, and appropriate

skill leveled people, the group may not succeed. The group has to be able to come up

with their own ideas, brainstorm together, listen to one another, and bring unique ideas to

the table. Choosing individuals that mesh well enough to do this can be complicated if the

manager choosing this group is not well informed.

In today’s business world, a vision or mission statement is the guideline for which

an organization works to achieve. For an example of a mutual goal, the topic is a

company vision. All of the employees within the organization know and understand the

mission and vision for which the...

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