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Resistance to Change Paper
November 17, 2014
Resistance to change comes along quite a bit in all organizations; and individuals are comfortable with what he or she knows. Organizations are constantly struggling with combating resistance to change, and all the while keeping individuals ideas and concerns in mind. In order to make things a little easier Lewin’s theory can be used, to make this transition to change a little easier. There is also organizational and individual resistance, and what major factors can cause resistance to change. Resistance to change can be managed, and how it does solely relies on the organization. Organizations have a lot to cope with on a daily basis, and when changes are made this impacts the company as a whole. Many things can contribute to resistance to change, and listed below are factors organizations face when changes are implemented. Organizational Resistance to Change

When it comes to organizational resistance to change this has to be done very carefully. Resistance to change does not only affect just an individual it affects the organization as a whole. Some of the examples of organizational resistance are structural, threats of power, a sinking in costs, special treatments, groups, etc. The structure of the organization is one of the most important things; the structure is the stability, what makes the organization what it is. Power, if an individual or a group feels like their position is being threatened, resistance will be the first thing that happens. Power wars can hurt the memento of work that has been occurring before the changes. Upper management may be a little more resistance when they determine the costs of training; changes happen and learning all again. Special treatments could be given to certain individuals, and the newer individuals are getting tasks, the older staff used to have. An organization has to keep all these in mind when trying to transition organizational change with resistance. There are some individuals that belong to a certain group, and listening to others how the changes are not necessary, so the individual will be a little more resistant to the changes. Individual Resistance to Change

The individual’s resistance to change can be brought on by many different things. One of the challenges faced by an organization is other employees or other individuals not going along with the changes. Some examples of resistance to change can include fears of the unknown, employee relationships, routines, failure of communication, and economical conditions. Fears of the unknown can do an individual in. An individual that is resistant can make it quite difficult when changes do occur. Within an organization, relationships are built, and sometimes when changes occur individuals feel threatened, to the point of feeling their relationships with others will no longer be. Also, the employees that are in a group or working with one individual are normally friends. By moving he or she, this will mess up the routine, and its takes them out of what they are comfortable with. Employees are used to their routines, and when taken out of their comfort zone, he or she can be more resistant to change. Failure of communication can be a big problem. If employees feel there was a blind side, and nothing communicated about these changes, this can backfire. Setting up a meeting with employees can make the transition go a lot easier, and not resistant to these changes. Economical conditions are a factor, and if the employee feels that there is nothing in it for them. Then he or she can be more resistant to change. Employees want to feel that there will be some reward to compensate for the trouble he, or she will be put in to accept the changes.

There are a lot of factors for an organization to consider, especially when changes are made. If done properly, an organization can have the proper reactions from employees, and the transition will be a...
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