The Sleeping Habits Among University Student

Topics: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Circadian rhythm Pages: 11 (3602 words) Published: July 17, 2013
I. Introduction
The amount of sleep is important for one’s mental and physical health, for cognitive restitution, processing and memory consolidation. In order to stay healthy, a person requires 7-8 hours of sleeping in adult age. One study reported the college students are among the most sleep-deprived age group. Sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects on daily performance, including academics and driving, and it has been linked to depressed mood and behavioural problems. The similar researches have been conducted on inadequate amount of sleep are important in order to improve better cognitive performance and avoid health problems.

Academic performance is one of major goals of university students. Various researches have been demonstrated that sleep deprivation affects to the academic performance of student and may cause decrease in cognitive function.

The aim of this research is to find out if there are any problems caused by sleeping habits among AIU student. This study tries to investigate the amount of sleep, quality of sleep and the effect of sleeping problems to student health; psychological and physical health. Then it will effect to academic performance. Moreover, the study wants to find the solution to overcome sleeping problems. II. Background

This study is about sleeping habits among AIU student. We started doing this this research since there were many students faced sleeping problems. We can see that sleeping is good for health in order to have energy for daily performance. Without sleeping or under-sleeping, there will be effect to student health and their academic performance. Anyway, education is important for student where they get knowledge and apply to work in social life, but without health dream will never come true. Before this, few studies have examined on how sleeping problems affect the cognitive performance and health problems. However, this study is specifically in AIU student on how sleeping problems affect to their health, their academic performance and solution for sleeping problem. III. Methodology

In this study, we use two methods to investigate sleeping habits among AIU student. These methods are questionnaire and interview.
Questionnaire (Appendix1)
Subjects: 32 students in AIU from different countries and courses (20male students and 12 female students) Preparation: According to group discussion, the data are collected after have done the questionnaires contributed for the survey. Content: It contains 10 questions with option given “yes, no”, 2 questions are open question which is required to write down the answer. Interview:

Subjects: 3people, 2students from different countries, 1 AIU Staff (AIU Counselor, Nur Fidzah bt Abdus Samah) Question
1. Do you sleep late at night?
2. How many hours do you sleep per day?
3. Do you think your sleeping time is enough for you?
4. Are there any problems when you sleep late at night? What are they? 5. How do you solve these problems?
Research Question:
1. Are AIU student facing sleeping problems?
2. What are the factors cause sleeping problems?
3. How does sleeping problem affect to health and student academic performance? 4. Are there any solutions to solve this problem?
IV. Data Collection
A. Questionnaire
Q1. What time do you usually go to bed?| Total|
Student| Sleeping Time| |
| 11:00PM| 12:00AM| 1:00AM| 2:00AM| 3:00AM| |
IEP|  | 1| 1|  |  | 2|
FSP| 1| 10| 6| 3|  | 20|
UGP|  | 1| 3| 5| 1| 10|
Total| 3.13%| 37.50%| 31.3%| 25.0%| 3.13%| 100% = 32|

The questionnaire survey in three different categories of students. They are IEP students, FSP students and UGP students. The table described about the sleeping time of AIU student. In short, the most sleeping time of AIU student was 12:00 am and most of them were FSP students. However, there was little number of students sleeps...
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