Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Nokia Pages: 2 (1121 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Li Lin
Dr. Abramowitz
English 1101
Thesis: The negative effects of overusing Smartphone in our society. Bartel, Kate, Michael Gradisar, Paul Willianmson. “Protective and Risk Factors for Adolescent Sleep: A Meta-Analytic Review.” Sleep Medicine Reviews 16 Sep. 2014. New York City College of Technology Lib., Brooklyn, NY. 12 Oct 2014. This book analyses the factor of protect and harm the teenagers’ sleep. The authors believe that adolescents need enough sleep to have a refresh day that full of energy. They found out 41 studies that were published recently to prove that the good sleep hygiene and physical activity helped adolescents sleep early, whereas the other many factors delay adolescents sleep time, such as video gaming, technology use, evening light and negative family environment, tobacco use and caffeine. In the risk factors, the authors list many various technologies use can harm the adolescents’ sleep. One of the technologies is smartphone. The authors claim that many teenagers use their smartphones during the bedtime. So they will be distracted from the time, and lead to delay total sleep time. And that is one of the negative effects of overusing smartphones in life. Cohen, Elizabeth.”Do You Obsessively Check Your Smartphone?” CNN. 28 July 2011. Elizabeth tells a person who obsessively checks his phone out of his mind. And his wife gets annoyed by him. By this story, the author concludes the reason people keep constantly checking their phone, analysis the cost of constant checking cell phone, exams yourself whether you are a habitual checker and suggests people how get rid of their checking habit. This resource states how the overusing smart phone affect our life. In the article, the author claims some lose of constant checking cell phone. First, it will avoid the people who near you and the thing you are really need to be doing. Second, it is hard to go back to your original task...
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