The Different Types of Office Equipment and Its Uses

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Know about different types of office equipment and its uses.

1. Computer- Used to store and retrieve data, internet searches, emailing, word processing, presentations. Photocopier – Used to copy documents, scan and send to a shared drive or an email address. Telephone – Answer calls from tenants, mute calls so the caller can’t hear anything, transfer calls to necessary colleagues. Printer – Used to print documents from pc, in colour or black and white, double sided. Fax machine – Used to send a document to another fax machine instantly, used when a document needs to be send quickly. Shredder – Used to dispose of private and confidential documents by cutting them into tiny pieces so they can’t be put back together. Laminator – Used to preserve and protect important documents.

2. Features of: Computer – cd drive for installing programs, usb drive to save documents onto a memory stick or to retrieve data, headphone jack to listen to audio. Microsoft office is good for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. Emailing, storing and retrieving data easily. Photocopier – Automatic threader, copy documents on paper, scan and send a document to the shared drive or email address. Can print double sided and staple automatically when the document has finished printing. Can print on different kinds of paper from different drawers and hold more paper than a printer. Generally prints faster, more economically and efficiently than a printer. Telephone – Mute button, redial, transfer, group call, ring back when free feature. Printer – Different drawers for different paper, options to print in colour or black and white, double sided or single sided, can collate document. Easy to use, simple set up. Fax Machine – auto redial so a document can be sent if the phone line is busy, used when a document needs to be sent quickly. Newer fax machines have copying and printing facilities as well as being able to fax

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