The Different Types of Office Equipment and Its Uses

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Know about different types of office equipment and its uses.

1. Computer- Used to store and retrieve data, internet searches, emailing, word processing, presentations. Photocopier – Used to copy documents, scan and send to a shared drive or an email address. Telephone – Answer calls from tenants, mute calls so the caller can’t hear anything, transfer calls to necessary colleagues. Printer – Used to print documents from pc, in colour or black and white, double sided. Fax machine – Used to send a document to another fax machine instantly, used when a document needs to be send quickly. Shredder – Used to dispose of private and confidential documents by cutting them into tiny pieces so they can’t be put back together. Laminator – Used to preserve and protect important documents.

2. Features of:
Computer – cd drive for installing programs, usb drive to save documents onto a memory stick or to retrieve data, headphone jack to listen to audio. Microsoft office is good for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. Emailing, storing and retrieving data easily. Photocopier – Automatic threader, copy documents on paper, scan and send a document to the shared drive or email address. Can print double sided and staple automatically when the document has finished printing. Can print on different kinds of paper from different drawers and hold more paper than a printer. Generally prints faster, more economically and efficiently than a printer. Telephone – Mute button, redial, transfer, group call, ring back when free feature. Printer – Different drawers for different paper, options to print in colour or black and white, double sided or single sided, can collate document. Easy to use, simple set up. Fax Machine – auto redial so a document can be sent if the phone line is busy, used when a document needs to be sent quickly. Newer fax machines have copying and printing facilities as well as being able to fax and make phone calls. Shredder – shredders can either cross cut, diamond cut or strip and ribbon cut. Some have a cd slot to cut up cd’s which could hold private information, also a credit card slot to cut up a card safely. There is an auto stop and start feature which allows the paper to fed in without your fingers going near the shredder and stops instantly if there is a jam. If you use the shredder too much it will overheat and turn itself off. Laminator - hot & cold setting, cold setting used for heat sensitive products. Laminators come in different sizes so a good one would be big enough for your documents and thick enough for different size laminating pouches. Reverse function in case of a jam, automatic shut off so the machine doesn’t overheat and burn out

1.3 Why different types of equipment are chosen for tasks:
Computer – a computer is good to produce professional documents such as letters, presentations, spreadsheets which can then produce graphs and charts, flyers, leaflets and databases. A computer is chosen to do this rather than handwriting everything as it looks neater, doesn’t take as long and if a copy of something is lost it can be recovered and resent. Emails are used to send documents and as a way of communication as it is instant. Photocopier – Photocopiers are normally chosen to print a large document as they hold more paper and ink; they can make copies of a document without having to locate the original on a computer. They are also used to scan a document and send it to a shared drive on a network or to an email address. Photocopiers can print double sided which saves paper which saves money and reduces waste. Telephone – Telephones are used daily as they are probably the best way of communication, they get a message across quickly and easily. Phone calls can have a number of people in which saves time as everyone can hear the same thing at once. Printer – a printer can be connected to a network so...
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