1.1 Explain the purpose of using different types of presentation and equipment

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Outcome 1

1.2 Explain the organisation’s mission and purpose

Our organisations mission and purpose is to achieve full compliance with the energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD)

1.3 Compare how the organisation works with other different types of organisations
Our organisation works differently to other types of organisations because we don’t actively advertise in any way, as we do not buy or sell anything and there are only 10 other organisation in the uk that provide the same services as we do and we are the largest covering around 30% of the market

1.4 Explain your main responsibilities, how these fit into the organisation’s structure, and how these contribute to achieving your organisation’s mission

My main responsibilities are to provide technical support for domestic energy assessors and green deal advisors. Domestic energy assessors and green deal advisors are our main source of income at the minuet as there is currently a high demand for energy performance certificates on domestic properties; this helps our organisation reach EPBD standards by driving down energy usage across the UK.

1.5 Define policies, procedures, systems and values of your organisation relevant to your role

Strategy development is the overall process of establishing where we are now and deciding where we want to be and how we are going to get there.

I follow various strategies to manage deadlines, manage time and stress everyday in my work life


Policy making involves taking a clear position on a function, service or issue to provide a framework or a set of principles that determine decisions, actions and approaches to those matters.

As an employee of this organisation, I strive my best to abide by the policies and procedures of my organisation.


A plan sets out the intended method of progressing from the current situation to the achievement of one or more of the desired outcomes.

In my day to day work, I plan everything with the SMART objective.


A procedure sets out the series of related steps to accomplish a specific task or carry out a particular activity. They are the precise description of the what, when, who, why and how of any particular activity

I follow organisational procedures in all that I do at work.

I feel that good strategy and policy development is key to improving services and outcomes for local people. The demands on the Council’s limited resources are significant. It is important, therefore, that I am clear where I and the employer want to be and what (and what not) to focus its resources on to achieve its vision, strategic objectives and improve outcomes for local people.

1.6 Describe when it is appropriate to seek guidance from others when unsure about objectives, policies, systems procedures and values

In my experience it is always appropriate to seek guidance from others when unsure about our company’s objectives, policies, systems procedures and values.

Outcome 2

2.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of working with other people to achieve agreed goals and objectives.
An effective team is much more than a group of people who are put together to accomplish a goal.

The purpose and benefits of working with other people to achieve agreed goals and objectives are as follows:

Team Building

Team building is a process that requires due attention and care. So care needs to be taken to go through all the development stages so that troubles and setbacks are avoided.


The teams need to spend some time exploring and understanding what the purpose and vision of the team is. They then need to set goals and objectives so that it helps the team stay focused on their objectives and to be on track.

Managing Conflict

Conflict can be an inevitable consequence of working with other people. Opinions, values, styles, and a lot of other issues lead to disagreements within the team. But all...
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