The Brand Marketing of Halal Products: the Way Forward Patrick Low Kim Cheng*

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The Brand Marketing of Halal Products: The Way Forward
Patrick Low Kim Cheng*
A timely paper, through literature review and research method of interviewing 34 respondents, the author examines the brand marketing strategies—applying 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion and Place) and other strategic options—of Halal products with reference to Halal companies in Brunei Darussalam, marketing their Halal products to the region, if not to the world.

Islamic branding is taking a centerpiece on the global stage. It is no longer confined to a country’s demograpy, identified by the narrow lines of nationality or ethnicity (Nair-Gheswalla, 2007). The reasons are that Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, both by birth and adoption. The world Muslim population today is at 1.4 billion, or 22% of the total population, and has earned a niche for itself as a whole new market to be reckoned with (Nair-Gheswalla, 2007). It is estimated that by 2010, the Muslim population will exceed three billion (Evans, cited in The Brunei Times, 2007). The community has become a huge market segment and companies are scrambling to satisfy brand new needs they never knew existed. The growing Muslim population is pushing the companies to produce Halal products to satisfy the customers’ endless demands (Burgmann, 2007).

Objectives of the Paper • To uncover and identify that Halal (Arabic word for ‘permitted’ but is used by Muslims around the world to denote food that has been prepared according to Islamic dietary regulations) (Drury, 2007) is fast becoming a new market force and identifier, and businesses—even those Muslim or Halal business—should change, illustrate the branding marketing of Halal products such as looking at the key 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion and Place) of marketing including the product naming and packaging, and public relations, promotions and advertising.

• To successfully adapt and cater to the needs of the Muslim consumers. Effect of Halal on Marketing The Brunei Halal brand has been officially launched by Negara Brunei Darussalam; and the Second International Halal Product Exposition held is seen as the country’s initiative to become one of the world’s major players in the multi-dollar global Halal market (The Brunei Times, August 19, 2007). A branding positive action step, Brunei Halal brand * Chartered Marketer, Certified MBTI Administrator, and Certified Behavioral Consultant (The Institute For Motivational Living, USA), Universiti Brunei, Darussalam. E-mail: © 2008 The Icfai University Press. All Rights Reserved. The Brand Marketing of Halal Products: The Way Forward 37

is a project initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources along with the cooperation of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council, Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Health. The creation of the Brunei Halal brand is in line with Brunei Darussalam’s aggressive effort with the Islamic nation moving towards developing a diversified, competitive and sustainable economy. Brunei Darussalam has also developed Brunei Halal Standards as guidelines for the use of Brunei Halal Certification (Brunei Halal, 2007). The global market is estimated to be worth around $150 bn a year (The Brunei Times, August 19, 2007) and the Halal food industry is also pegged to grow at a rate of 2.9% annually (Asia Inc., July-August 2007). Halal is natural, safer, healthier, cleaner and greener (Drury, 2007). In this regard, Islam, as a way of life, expects human beings to conserve the environment for several reasons which may be summarized as follows:

• The environment is Allah’s creation. The creation of this earth and all its natural resources is a sign of His wisdom, mercy, power and His other attributes and therefore serves to develop human awareness and understanding of this creator (Ar-Ra’d, 13: 2-4; 21: 79, cited in Al-Haran and Low, 2008).

• Muslims should seek to protect and preserve the...

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The Brand Marketing of Halal Products: The Way Forward 49
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Reference # 25J-2008-12-03-01
The Icfai University Journal of Brand Management, Vol. V, No. 4, 2008
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