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Just Falafel has revolutionized stereotype about Falafel. Falafel, which is traditionally sold in very small and sometimes smelly cafeterias, is now sold in outlets that match in image and brand elements the biggest fast food brands known worldwide (maybe at the expense of its oriental past, with a somewhat western offering– the Sandwich, the coke, and yes the French fries). This somewhat Westernization has made the Journey possible, with Just Falafel becoming the biggest falafel franchise in the world with franchises in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Just Falafel differentiated itself from the traditional Falafel kiosks by presenting different versions of the same product (American, Egyptian…). The Falafel pieces are the same, but the spices, the bread, the dressings differ to accommodate national tastes. Tahini, the original oriental dressing is an acquired taste, thus it was important to present the core product, the untouchable Falafel, with dressings that would make it more familiar. Just Falafel have an active presence online and offline. These marketing activities, which a small Falafel kiosk could not entertain, are a clear confirmation of the company’s determination to be an active leader in the world of business


Just Falafel is a growing fast food business that successfully started in Abu Dhabi in 2007. Just Falafel started initially with three flavors: the traditional Falafel, the Greek flavor, and the Indian style.(Kerr, 2013)

The original Falafel is a blend of chickpeas, dried/fresh broad beans, crushed garlic cloves, chopped onion, coriander leaves, parsley, cardamom, cumin seeds, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, baking powder, sesame seeds, Sunflower oil for frying and bread for serving (Lewsey, 2013). Falafel therefore is a very healthy mix.

Just Falafel sells Falafel sandwiches with different dressings and flavors ( American,...
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