Testing catalase activity

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Testing Catalase Activity
Prepared by Anel Behric
For professor Goodrow
General Biology Lab
Mohawk Valley Community College
10/14/2014 6:00 PM

This experiment was conducted to examine the breakdown of substrate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by catalase, which is a specific enzyme that breaks down substrates of (H2O2). Molecules are in our bodies and nature. They move around constantly which causes them to be part of random collisions, which produce chemical reactions. This is actually needed to sustain life. These collisions are influenced by many different physical factors, such as temperature or concentration. If more molecules are concentrated in a place, the more random collisions are more likely to happen. If temperature is higher the reaction is sped up, thus leading to more collisions. Enzymes are catalyst because they speed up reaction rates. They are shaped a specific way, so when they collide they fit perfectly into one another. Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions by decreasing the energy of activation. Enzyme catalase convert hydrogen peroxide in bodies into oxygen and water. This can be visually seen when hydrogen peroxide mixed, and the peroxide bubbles. Catalyst is material that attracts molecules, this increases chances of a collision. Materials used for this experiment:

LoggerPropH buffers
Vernier O2 Sensorenzyme suspension
10 mL graduated cylindertest tubes
Ice Packheating pad
250 mL Nalgene bottlethermometer
Three test tubes were placed in a holding rack and labeled accordingly. Each test tube was filled with 5 mL of 3% of H2O2 and 5 mL of pure water. Each tube was filled using a disposable pipette with 10 drops of enzymes suspension to Nalgene chamber for each observation. Tube one was poured into Nalgene chamber, and O2 Gas Sensor was placed on top, and chamber was swirled to mix the enzymes. Same steps were performed with tube two and three. Data was recorded on LoggerPro. Part two testing consisted of Different concentrations of enzymes suspension. To study the effects of enzyme concentration on rate of reaction, four test tubes were each filled with 5 mL of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 5 mL of water. Five drops of enzyme suspension were dropped into Nalgene bottle, then O2 analyzer was placed on top. Mixture was swirled for 5 minutes. Data was recorded same as in previous processes. Next observation contained ten drops of enzyme suspension and data was recorded. Observation three had 15 drops of enzyme solution and data was recorded. Twenty drops of enzyme solution were added in the fourth observation and data was recorded. In part three the effect of temperature on the reactions were tested. To test the effect of temperature on reaction rate, three test tubes were each filled with 5 mL of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 5 mL of water. Test tube one was placed in ice and ice water to cool it down to (Temperature of 0-5 C). Test tube two was measured at room temperature (20-25 C). Test tube three was placed on a heating pad to increase temperature to (30-35 C).

Results for Part 1:
Test Tube Number
Slope of Linear Portion (m)

Results for Part 2 (Concentration of Enzymes):
Drops of Enzymes Suspension
Initial Reaction Rate (m)

Results for part 3 (Effect of Temperature on Reaction):
Temperature Measured
Rate of Initial reaction (m)

Enzymes are responsible for many chemical reactions that take place. They are made up of proteins and are considered biocatalysts. (Jubenville.) Biocatalysts can be described as when enzymes are used as catalysts to cause chemical reactions. (Novasep.) Enzymes are known as catalyst because they are able to speed up reaction rates without being destroyed or altered. They are able to encourage chemical reactions by...

Cited: http://www.novasep.com/misc/glossary.asp?defId=49. (Novasep.) "Enzymes." Enzymes. Biocatalysts: Definition of Biocatalysts in Novasep Glossary." Biocatalysis: Definition of Biocatalysts in Novasep Glossary.
http://www.tuberose.com/Enzymes.html>. (Enzymes.) "Frequently Asked Questions
http://www.houston-enzymes.com/learn/faq.php. (Huston.) Jubenville, Robert B., and Richard G. Thomas
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