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1 Recruitment and Selection
The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate from inside or outside of an organization to perform specified task in a timely and cost effective manner is termed as recruitment. HR mangers have to be very careful in this selection and recruitment process. One wrong decision can bring about huge financial and administrative wrongdoings in the organization. There are many process of recruiting depending on the type of organizations. Here, I give my own thoughts on different steps of recruitment and selection.

Figure above shows the generic view of the recruitment process. Below we shall discuss in detail about each step. 1.1 Anticipate the need
This falls under the workforce planning. HR manager has to first anticipate the need based on the shortage or surplus of the employees. Only after the clear analysis of the need of the staff can the HR department teams go ahead with other steps. This is the most significant step in my view as it drives the rest of the processes. 1.2 Specify the job

After anticipating the need, the next step for the HR team is to provide the specification of the job. Before providing any specification, HR team has to do thorough research about the task to be performed by the new comer. This not only helps them to choose quality employees but also make their job easier by omitting not desired resumes. 1.3 Develop the pool

Making specification of the Job is not enough. HR team has to reach to its targeted customer after the preparation of the job description. This can be done via two ways i.e. internal and external sources. Internal sources include job posting, talent inventory, promotion and transfer. External sources include walk-in, advertisements, employee referrals, employment agencies, educational institutions, professional associations and job fairs. 1.4 Assess the candidates

After developing the pool of the interested candidates, next step is to assess the candidates....
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