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Personnel Profile PlanThere are several steps an organization must take in order to change its personal profile. There are also lots of things a company must consider when developing a plan. There are four steps an organization must take. Step 1 is to determine what the personnel needs are. In projecting personnel needs the company or human resource department would design a profile of job expectations and qualifications for each position. This should be a very detail list of training, skills, experience, education and specific break down of duties. Step is to develop a plan for achieving the desired personnel profile. There are many factors to achieving this step. Changes include factors like changing the organizational structure, changing the job design, using human resources to make personnel changes which include the flowing: Performance appraisals, career planning, and creating new positions.Step3 for changing an organizations personnel profile is implementing the necessary changes to facilitate the plan’s goals and objectives. The human resources department should have their goals and objectives documented and the plan should be clear and fully disclosed. Step 4 is to monitor and evaluate the ongoing development of the changes. The human resources department should be following the progress and making sure that the plan goals are being met and are being met. An organization should consider what they desire for the organization and where they plan to see their organization in the next 4 to 5 years. Once they have set the goal for where they want to be, it becomes a clearer on what they need to happen and how much time they need had to work with.
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