Summary of "How to Win Friends & Influence People"

Topics: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: October 11, 2008
Since are last summary we explained how the book explained the 3 most important principles. The first one explains how you should never complain, criticize, or condemn because these are the three things that people don’t want to hear. Second, give honest and sincere appreciation. Everyone has a self-importance that they want to live up to and what better way to make them feel better by giving them a compliment from the heart for their life goal. Last but not least, arouse an eager want out of a person. Why talk about click flicks to an action movie guy? Always talk to the other person about their interest and let them talk about their interest. These are the main three principles that a person must follow for any of these next principles to work.

There are six ways to make people like you: become interested in other people, smile and smile some more, remember a person’s name, be a good active listener, talk about other person’s interests, make other people feel important. The two most important principles you must always follow is smiling and being a good listener. When you smile you can brighten anybody’s day. It is always a great body language to express friendliness because a smile means “I’m happy” or “I’m interested”. Listening ironically makes you a great conversationalist. Why you may ask? Well a person most of the time just wants somebody to talk to whatever they want to talk about. The main thing to keep in mind is to know that the person’s self-importance.

Ever wanted somebody to agree with you even though they don’t agree? There are ways to persuade other people into your way of thinking, here’s how: avoid arguments as much as possible, never say someone is wrong, if you are wrong admit immediately, Always approach in a friendly way, keep the person from saying “No…”, let the other person do the talking, let them feel it’s their idea, view from the their point of view, be sympatric with the other person’s ideas and desires, give to nobler...
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