Tda 3.1 Communication and Professional Relationships Lo1

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Learning Outcome 1

Effective communication is extremely important in developing positive relationships. If we communicate effectively this will allow children and young people to learn boundaries and expectations. As childcare providers it is important that we model effective communication with other people. For example in a stressful or excitable situation we need to think about our own communication verbally and non-verbally so as to encourage others to do the same. If we practice this, we will form positive relationships with children, young people and adults as they will feel that can communicate back to ourselves and others. If we do not communicate effectively other people will not trust us and will not be taught effective communication themselves.

The principles of relationship building are that if children, young people and adults are comfortable around us and trust us then they will be more likely to communicate with us and others. Below are some principles required for effective communication.

• Show respect to gain it back – In order for us to build positive relationships it is important that we show the other person respect. This can be by showing them you are listening and taking an interest, as well as remembering names of people. This will encourage the other person to do the same.

• Sense of humour – It can be important dependant on the situation to have a sense of humour. Laughing with someone can make them feel more at ease and in turn they may learn to trust you more.

• Allow personal space – Allowing a child or adult their personal space will allow them to feel less threatened and patronised. You do not need to get into someone’s personal space to get a point across. Giving them their space will allow them to have more trust in you and have a greater respect.

• Making time to listen – It is essential that we take time to listen to others especially if they are confiding in us or asking us for advice or help. We

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