“Student Involvement in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education”

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“Student Involvement in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education”



This Paper has been conducted the study of student’s participation in improving and maintaining the quality of education in higher education. The paper shows that student's participation in Quality enhancement plays very important role in enhancement in the standardization of the institution education at higher level. That role also important for planning, organization, communication, co-ordination and evaluation seemed to be an average level.

Introduction and Background

Higher education and training institutions and quality assurance agencies operating in India are required to establish quality assurance procedures for the purposes of further improving and maintaining the quality of education and training which is provided by higher education and training institutions. The involvement of students in the established quality assurance procedures is an essential element of such procedures. The requirement to involve students in quality assurance activities relating to programs and awards is further stated in the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the indian Higher Education Area. Institutional and agency quality reviews which have taken place in higher education and training institutions over recent years have considered the issue of student involvement in quality assurance procedures. While such reviews have found that students are involved in most quality reviews undertaken in the Indian higher education system, the limited extent of student involvement at all stages of quality assurance procedures has been noted. A number of reports have recommended that Indian institutions need to ensure that students have the

opportunity to provide regular feedback on all modules, programs and services, that student bodies and students in general become progressively more aware of quality review processes and...

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