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Individual Learning Plan:
ILP Stage 1 (completed at the start of the course)
1.Your previous experience of teacher training (of any sort, if you have any) 2.Your experience of training adults (if you have any)
3.Study skills check:
How would you rate your current level of skill in the following areas:Good Adequate Need to improve Comments Reading text books and extracting information
Writing longer assignments, referring to your reading and expressing your point of view. Expressing your point of view orally and responding to others What level do you consider your existing computer skills to be at? Good Adequate Need to improve

Word Processing PowerPoint Using the internet E-mail 4.The Learning Programme Below are listed common topics on teacher training courses. Use the first column to indicate if you have any experience in this area (Y= yes; N=No). Then self assess your knowledge and skills for this area by ticking one of the boxes: Self assessment –

put a x in one box
Topic Familiar with this area (Y/N) I am confident about this Needs
more develop-mentThis is new to me
Understanding your responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher Understanding the particular issues for adults as learners
Presenting information or demonstrating to a group
Facilitating learning groups
Writing learning objectives and planning lessons
Health and Safety in your subject
Equality and diversity (e and d):- responsibilities and legislation Designing and using resources –
Whiteboards and flipcharts
Handouts and worksheets
Interactive whiteboards
Assessing previous experience and learning of students
Monitoring and assessing learners during the course and keeping records Giving constructive feedback
Developing a course in your subject
Quality assurance – getting feedback from students and others on the quality of a course and your teaching Being aware of and responding to those with language,...
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