Part 3 Learning Plan Differentiated

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 Differentiated Lesson Based on Student Interest

Part 1: KUDs
(to be completed in Week 2)
Grade Level
Curricular Area
Established Goals
Students will add and subtract fractions
Include as many standards as are applicable for your lesson. Local, State, National
Math.4.NF.B. Students will understand addition
and subtraction of fractions as joining and
separating parts referring to the same whole.
High-Quality Curriculum (KUDs):
What I want my students to KNOW
How to add and subtract fractions.
What I want my students to UNDERSTAND
Fractions can be understood when joining and
separating parts.
What I want my students to be able to DO
Add and subtract fractions.
Essential Questions
How do you add and subtract fractions?
Part 2: Assessment to Inform Differentiated Instruction
(to be completed in Week 3)
Diagnostic Assessment(s)
To assess students I will use an addition and subtraction quiz. ELL level 1: Students will draw how to add and subtract fractions. ELL level 2: Students will complete quiz but will answer only ½ of the questions given.

ELL level 3: Students will be quizzed and given the opportunity to decide on how many questions they can complete. ELL levels 4-5: Students will complete the entire quiz.

Summative Assessment(s)
Students complete an Exit Slip
Ongoing Assessments(s)
Work samples, homework, group discussions.
Instructional Elements Being Differentiated
The subtraction and addition of fractions.
Rationale for Differentiation Plan
Students with difficulties in Math will have an opportunity to understand the skill given a smaller assignment. To make sure students comprehend the skills needed to succeed. Part 3: Learning Plan

(to be completed in Week 4, 5, or 6)
Learner Variances Being Addressed
* Encourage students to use the smart board, Elmo and computers to enhance learning. * Use...
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