Unit 401

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Unit 401 – Understanding the Principles and Practice of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment

1.1 Explain the functions of internal quality assurance in learning and development.

At Business the functions of internal quality assurance cover a diverse spectrum. However, from the start I must ensure that the candidates are at a level and position to carry out the assignments to meet the criteria involved. I ensure that the employer is involved from the outset and is fully aware of the work and support the candidate will need and be expected to submit. This is done through discussions with the employer and learners and by the completion of a pre-enrolment form. This information is required to ensure consistency with the qualification which, in my case is the NVQ L2 in Team Leading and also the NVQ L3/5 in Management. I ensure that I provide the employer and candidate with the information about all the procedures in place by the College to ensure a quality end product and also meet the learner’s requirements should they have any specific learning needs. The learner also goes through and induction workshop and all areas of the NVQ are explained especially the procedures. The employer also signs the individual learning plan incorporated within the NVQ stating that they support the learner and agree with there role as an employer.

The procedures that we have in place are ‘Equality and Diversity’ this ensures that all learners can participate and have the opportunity to reach their potential and that we understand the social identity which includes gender, race, disability, age, social class, sexuality and religion ensuring that we are aware that all learners are different and that we treat all learners as individuals.

We also need to be fully aware and compliant of the ‘Data Protection Policy’ this is very important to the learner and employer as they are often concerned about any information that may be valuable to other competitive business. We ensure that all the portfolio’s we receive are locked away and never left unattended. The learner is also reassured of this process and we ensure we have a rigorous booking in and out procedure that everyone is aware and compliant of. The College also carries out Data protection audits checking that the ‘Data Protection Act’ is complied with at all times.

The learners are also made aware of and given a copy of the ‘Appeals and Complaints Procedure’ this is to ensure that I am open, honest and fair and acting in a professional manner at all times. However, it does give the learner confidence that if they do feel that they have cause for a complaint or appeal that they can do in a formal manner and that there is a procedure for doing so.

All of the above together with the National Standards and criteria laid down for the qualification ensures that both the employer and learner can be assured that the qualification meets with public credibility and respect.

All assessors and internal verifiers go through an in-depth training procedure and qualification to compliment there professional experience. This also standardises the quality of assessment and verification. Standardisation meetings are also scheduled at regular intervals, in my case they are monthly and we discuss and minute specific areas to ensure we are all operating consistently. We also discuss areas of CPD and ways to ensure are professional experience is current some ways of doing this is to be member of professional bodies and I am a member of the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Institute for Learning (IfL), they supply a quarterly magazine with case studies of current topics and this does help me remain current in and at the forefront of any changes. They also have a very good website with many hot topics listed and explained or discussed in detail together with a list of seminars for managers that we occasionally attend. I am required to log at least thirty hours of CPD...
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