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Plagiarism Policy
Policy Owner

Academic Director

Contact Officer:

Communication Skills Lecturer

Policy Number:


Approved by:

Academic Board

Date Approved:

June 2007

Last Reviewed:

June 2012

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1. Overview
1.1 Curtin College is committed to ensuring that all staff and students behave with academic integrity.
Therefore, it is essential that they understand the principles underlying academic integrity and behave in a manner according to these principles.
1.2 Plagiarism is considered a breach of academic integrity, so it is necessary for staff and students to know what actions are considered to be plagiarism and how to avoid it
2. Organisational Scope
2.1 The purpose of this document is to provide an outline of the College’s policy on plagiarism and to provide guidelines for staff on how to manage incidents of plagiarism. This policy is based on Curtin
University’s plagiarism policy; however, it has been slightly modified in accordance with the academic structure at Curtin College and to meet the specific needs of Curtin College students.
2.2 This policy applies to all students enrolled at Curtin College and any partner provider/s.
3. Definitions
Partner Provider - an institution that provides a course or courses which are CRICOS registered by
Curtin College. Curtin College in turn, and for the purposes of this document, oversees all matters relating to the delivery of those courses.
Plagiarism: means presenting the work or property of another person as one’s own, without appropriate acknowledgement or referencing and can include:

Copying of another student's or author's exact sentences, paragraphs, or creative products (i.e. drawings, graphics) without clearly indicating that you are making a direct quote and/or without giving a reference (includes copying from books, articles, theses, unpublished works, working

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