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Starbucks was opened in1971 and has become one of the greatest international corporations today. Marketing professionals know that the secret to success is a strong brand that incorporates a well-founded name and logo, as well as advertising slogan. This essay will discuss the benefits and risks associated with changing any of these three aspects. The Starbucks Corporation changed their logo in certain cultural circumstances. This will be used to demonstrate the importance of keeping a specific name, logo and slogan in the success of a company, even when slight changes are necessary. To conclude, the author will suggest possible changes or solutions for Starbucks based on appropriate research.

The name Starbucks was inspired by the first mate in the novel Moby Dick. It evoked the “romance of the high seas and seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders” (). Since Starbucks has great marketing success, it would be risky to change their brand name. Modification could lead to a loss in recognition of the name. People are hardwired to familiar things. For example, you could change the name, but it would still always be Starbucks to them. It may also lead to consumers questioning their motives for change. People tend to find comfort in familiar things.

“In the customers’ minds a well-known name is linked with mental associations, empathy and personal preferences”(). Starbucks’s name should not be changed because since its’ inception it has built a great image of the brand. Changing the brand may be risky and unbeneficial for the company itself. One thing that they have been doing is incorporating a cultural component, which allows them to write their name along with the language of the country in which it operates. For example, in Saudi Arabia Starbucks stores are written in both English and Arabic (see image 1). This establishes local success with their franchise. As a result this also creates brand loyalty. Similar to the name, the logo can make or break the...
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