stakeholders for mcdonalds

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Stakeholders for McDonalds
For the report I will explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of McDonalds. Employees –
These are also important stakeholders in the business because they keep the stores running and the customers happy. The employees play a big part in making profit and helping to expand the business into something bigger and this couldn’t happen without the help of all of the employees because they all play a big part in making sure the business runs as smoothly as it does. Each of the employees goes through training provided by the company to ensure that they provide a High quality service to every costumer so they will want to come back. Employees have personal aims and objectives so they can improve on themselves and make themselves into a better worker so they are constantly getting better at what they do and hopefully go up further into the business. Good staff means that the business will thrive because if they are good at what they do means that they can provide a better service, making the day run smoothly by helping customers doing things quickly and of their own backs and not having to be spoon fed. Staff can help meet aims and objectives by giving 100% in what they do and be enthusiastic within their job title because one loose link can corrupt the chain and slow everything down. If some staff can’t handle the pace of the job then they will hold everyone else up and may stop aims and objectives from being met. Managers –

Managing their staff and making sure they know what they are doing and making sure everything runs smoothly within the business, since most managers have started off where the staff did they will have a lot of insight in what you have to do to be effective within the work place. Managers will have to make choices that impact the college and they will be responsible to make sure that the aims are met and to a high standard, and to ensure that it is good for the...
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