Preventing Defensiveness

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Preventing Defensiveness
Lorraine Watson
Buss 410 - Performance Management
J. Tontillo

Preventing Defensiveness
Performance management provides the needed information on their employees. The information helps develop the skills of the employees based on the information collected at the appraisal, it helps recognize when training is needed. Performance management helps by improving their service by having able workers that work to their full ability and by improving the relationship between workers and the company. An appraisal system should carried out every 12 months. An appraisal system is when discussions are made with members of staff about what is going well, what can be improved and how they would which to develop and other suggestions form workers. These meetings are done by manager for the employees and are confidential. A review plan is used to measure productivity. This is the link between performance management and training and development. Performance related pay is when a business increases the pay given to workers by the amount of effort put in, for example if an individual or a group of workers meet all their targets and improve the quality of their work. Help staff set and reach their goals at work, they encourage their staff and praise them when they are doing well and staff also receives rewards for good work. Treat their employees well by giving them a good salary, good working conditions and by giving them sick pays and pension’s schemes, they also give their staff responsibilities to make them feel like there are important to the company and motivate them. Have managers who have trust in the workers and help them improve and do their best and also by giving managers bonuses to motivate them. Pay employees in order to work and by having able managers control the staff.
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