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Table of Contents

1.1 Purpose1
1.2 Business Context2
1.3 Scope3
1.4 Definitions and Acronyms Used in this Document4
1.5 References5
1.6 Overview – The framework of Course Administration System (CAS)6 2.1.1 System Interfaces11
2.1.2 User Interfaces11
2.1.3 Hardware Interfaces11
2.1.4 Software Interfaces13
2.1.5 Communication Interfaces14
2.1.6 Memory Constraints14
2.1.7 Operations15
2.2 Product Functions17
2.3 User Characteristics19
2.4 Constraints20
2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies20
3. Specific Requirements21

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the application is to integrate the administration of the course by providing information on the following in a user friendly manner to its four different users – Students, Teaching Faculties, Placement Cell and Administrative Office. The four users differ in their requirements and so does their input to the system. The objective of the prospective application is to provide a one point access to the information required by its various users. Consistency and user friendliness are the two important parameter by which the system can serve its intended purpose. The application will be developed to provide the following information - Subject Related – Subjects in a term, Groups formed, Details of assignments, Score sheets, Information on overall performances, comparisons and its graphical representations Course Time Table – schedule for the term, updates on unscheduled classes, colloquiums and workshops Student’s Attendance - keeps track of the individual student’s attendance for each subject Student’s Performance Evaluation – Individual grade for each subject, aggregate grades, comparison of grades with batch, Generation of info graphics -graphs, charts & reports based on individual student’s data, Student’s Profile – Access to updated student profiles for Placement activities College Notice Board – Announcements of Fees payment dates, Exam schedules, Holidays, Other official announcements Course Feedback System – Enables students to provide feedback on completion of a course

1.2 Business Context

An Overview of the organization
Amrita School of Business, established in year 1996.
The conceptual framework of this application is developed with an understanding of the current administration procedures at Amrita School of Business. The motive behind developing this application is that it will help in achieving integrity in the information flow, a better up to date performance evaluation system for the students etc. So this application is custom made to the requirements of the organization.

1.3 Scope
The major components of the Course Administration System will be as follows. The components represent various unique features of the proposed system.

1.A Graphical User Interface which facilitates different users to login to the system, navigation through various features of the application like report and graph generation, profile editing, data entering, viewing notice board etc. This user interface provides a means by which the users interact with the system. This interface will facilitate the users to customize their home page according to their preferences like placing different features in the page by drag and drop .

2.Graph and Report Generator – the component which allows the users to interactively generate the graphs and reports based on the input fields given. The report generator allows the user to interactively select and place the required elements for e.g., Courses, CGPA, to generate the report. for a sample output.

3.Database Management System – To facilitate the retrieval of relevant data and present the information a database of Student Information, Course Subjects, and Attendance etc. has to be prepared

4.Messaging System – The Announcement system informs the user (e.g. Student) about important notifications like Exam schedules, Fees Payment Date etc. The Messaging...
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