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Topics: Requirements analysis, Software requirements, Software Requirements Specification Pages: 11 (2944 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Software Requirements Specification
Version <X.X>

Prepared by
Group Name: <place your group name here>
<name>| <student #>| <e-mail>|
<name>| <student #>| <e-mail>|
<name>| <student #>| <e-mail>|
<name>| <student #>| <e-mail>|
<name>| <student #>| <e-mail>|

Instructor:| <place your instructor’s name here>| Course:| <place your course name here>|
Lab Section:| <place your lab section here>|
Teaching Assistant:| <place your TA’s name here>| Date:| <place the date of submission here>|
1.1Document Purpose1
1.2Product Scope1
1.3Intended Audience and Document Overview1
1.4Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations1
1.5Document Conventions1
1.6References and Acknowledgments2
2Overall Description3
2.1Product Perspective3
2.2Product Functionality3
2.3Users and Characteristics3
2.4Operating Environment3
2.5Design and Implementation Constraints4
2.6User Documentation4
2.7Assumptions and Dependencies4
3Specific Requirements5
3.1External Interface Requirements5
3.2Functional Requirements6
3.3Behaviour Requirements6
4Other Non-functional Requirements7
4.1Performance Requirements7
4.2Safety and Security Requirements7
4.3Software Quality Attributes7
5Other Requirements8
Appendix A – Data Dictionary9
Appendix B - Group Log10

Version| Primary Author(s)| Description of Version| Date Completed| Draft Type and Number| Full Name| Information about the revision. This table does not need to be filled in whenever a document is touched, only when the version is being upgraded.| 00/00/00|

* <In this template you will find text bounded by the “<>” symbols. This text appears in italics and is intended to guide you through the template and provide explanations regarding the different sections in this document. There are two types of comments in this document. These comments that are in black are intended specifically for that course. These comments that are in blue are more general and apply to any SRS. Please, make sure to delete all of the comments before submitting the document. * The explanations provided below, do not cover all of the material, but merely, the general nature of the information you would usually find in SRS documents. It is based on the IEEE requirements and was adapted specifically for the needs of Software Engineering 3K04/3M04 courses. Most of the sections in this template are required sections, i.e. you must include them in your version of the document. Failure to do so will result in marks deductions. Optional sections will be explicitly marked as optional. If you have any questions regarding this document please refer to the MiniThermostat SRS example on the course web-site.>

<TO DO: Please provide a brief introduction to your project and a brief overview of what the reader will find in this section.> Document Purpose
<Identify the product whose software requirements are specified in this document, including the revision or release number. Describe the scope of the product that is covered by this SRS, particularly if this SRS describes only part of the system or a single subsystem. TO DO: Write 1-2 paragraphs describing the purpose of this document as explained above.> Product Scope

<Provide a short description of the software being specified and its purpose, including relevant benefits, objectives, and goals. TO DO: 1-2 paragraphs describing the scope of the product. Make sure to describe the benefits associated with...
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