Service Operations Management

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Course Outline Course Title : Service Operations Management (SOM) Course Code : SM05-06 Credits : 2 Term : Quarter-II (25 March- 30 June 2013) Year : 2013-14 Faculty : Prof. S. Venkataramanaiah __________________________________________________________________________ Introduction & Objective(s): Manufacturing, service and agriculture are the major economic activities in any country. In India, manufacturing and services together constitute nearly 75% of the GDP. Moreover, in recent years the growth in GDP is primarily due to services. During the last ten years, the share of services in the GDP has grown steadily from about 40% to more than 60%. The Union Government began taxing three services in 1994-95 and has grown steadily and as on June 2012, there are 106 different services covered under services category. All these indicate the growing importance of services in the Indian economy. There is immense need for application of management science approaches for planning and control of operations in the service sector.

The objective of this course is to improve the understanding of the service operations across different organisations. The course focuses on the role and nature of service operations, the relationship of operations to other business functions, and develops skills and provides techniques for the effective management of service operations. Topics to be covered include fundamental issues in services, nature of services, design and delivery of services, managing services (forecasting, capacity and waiting), performance measurement and improvement and role of mathematical tools. Applications from healthcare, banking, telecom, parcel services, automotive services etc will be explored. Evaluation: Component Quiz and Assignments Written Examination Project/Term paper (group) Class participation and Attendance Weightage (%) 20 50 20 10

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List of Cases (HBS)
Aravind Eye Hospital Benihana of Tokyo ICICI’s Global Expansion ITC eChoupal Note on Service mapping
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