Teaching Plan for Operations Management Course

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Operations management Pages: 4 (549 words) Published: May 5, 2013

Program: PGPMCourse Code: SL OP 502
Class of: 2014Credits : 3
Semester: IISessions : 25

Course Coordinator : Prof.M.H.Varma

Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic exposure to the tasks and challenges facing Operations Managers, i.e., those people responsible for the vital function of producing the goods and services in any manufacturing and service organization. The ultimate goal is to maximize value and profits through customer satisfaction and provides an effective and rapid response to changing global market conditions

Reference Books:

Though variety of books will be consulted to deliver the lecture and making learning meaningful the students can refer to the following text books.

1. “Operations & Supply Management”, by Chase, Shanker, Aquilano, Jacobs, Twelfth Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill company, Special Indian Edition. (Main Text Book) 2. “Quantitative Analysis for Management” by Barry Render and Ralph M Stair. Prentice Hall. (FOR LP and Transportation Problems) 3. “Production and Operations Management”, Everette E Adam and Ronald J Ebert. Prentice Hall of India. New Delhi.2004. 5th Edition 4. “Operations Management Strategy & Analysis”, Lee J Krajweski and Larry P Ritzman.Person Education.Delhi.2002. 6th Edition 5. “Operations Management – An integrated Goods and Services Approach”, James R. Evans and David A. Collier, Thomson Publication, 2007 6. “Operations Management”, Norman Gaither and Greg Frazier, Cengage Learning Publications, 2004, 9th Edition 7. “Operations Management” William J. Stevenson, Tata McGraw-Hill Publication, 2005, 8th Edition

Session Plan
|Session. Nos.|Topic / Topics |Case-Study |Readings | |1 & 2 |Course Overview and |Crisis at Strocem RMC :...
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