Operation Management

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What is Operations Management?
Operation Management is concerned with any productive activity, whether manufacturing or service, in public sector or private sector, profit making or not profit making. It is concerned with ensuring that operations are carried out both efficiently and effectively. All mangers are operations managers since all functions within an organization are, presumably, productive activates it goes without saying that all function should be carried out efficiently and effectively. However the operation function is the hear t of all manufacturing and service enterprises, and unless this core operation is carried out effectively there is little hope that organization as a whole will be effective. An understanding of Operation Management principals can help any manger to manage more effectively , whatever function they are concerned with but it also leads to a greater understanding of the function of the organization as a whole and a greater appreciation for the issues which affect organizational performances. Definition of Operations Management

Operations Management is concerned with managing the resources that directly produce the organization’s service or product after going through a number of transforming Inputs Processes. The resources will usually consist of people, materials, technology and information but may go wider than this. These resources are brought together by a series of processes; so that they are utilized to deliver the primary service or product of the organization. Thus, operation management is concerned with managing inputs (resources) through transformation processes to deliver output (service or product). The following diagram explains the concept of Operation Management more clearly.

(Appendix -1 –Pictorial representation of Operation Management)

Example of Operation Management:
Let us consider an example from our daily life to understand the concept of Operation Management more clearly. Consider an education institute, here, the student are a primary inputs. The transformation process is the learning that takes place. The main output is the educated students. For this operation to take place there has to be a proper timetabling, lecture and management of the whole activity. Scope of Operation Management:

Expressed in this way it can be seen that the term ‘operations’ covers a wide range of organization. Manufacturing, commercial service, public service and other not-for-profit sector are all included within its scope. One way of defining operation function of the organization is to define what the end service or product actually is once this is clear, the people who directly contribute to the delivery of the end service or product, and the people who closely support them in this task, can be said to operational personnel of the organization. Unfortunately, people who actually perform operational roles under this definition are not always called operational Mangers. This makes identifying the operation more difficult than, say, identifying the financial marketing or personnel functions. Job title such as hospital manger, technical director and store manger do not have the word operation in them, yet they are all Operations Management roles.

Operations Management and its significance;
Operations management concepts exactly help us to gain a better know ledge of things how they and perform around us. These concepts and theories have been developed by experts from different fields and published to share the knowledge to the publics. Operations management focuses on how the subtle routines and activities in your life can be systematically improved and makes our easy little by little. Operations management concepts use logic and practicalities to carry mare efficiency into everyone’s live and inspire other to bring out more ways to improve this world. Applying concepts to real situations:

When the concepts and theories are produced by the great minds of the...

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