Srs for Rail Indicator

Topics: Requirements analysis, Software requirements, Non-functional requirement Pages: 6 (944 words) Published: August 12, 2013
Software Requirements Specification


“Mumbai Rail Indicator”

Version 1.0 approved

Akshay Waghela 60003128015
Rahanik Vora 60003115061


July 31, 2013

Table of Contents

Table of Contentsii
Revision Historyii
1.2Document Conventions1
1.3Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions1
1.4Project Scope1
2.Overall Description2
2.1Product Perspective2
2.2Product Features2
2.3Operating Environment2
2.4Design and Implementation Constraints2
2.5User Documentation2
3.Functional Requirement3
3.2System Feature 2 (and so on)4
4.External Interface Requirements4
4.1User Interfaces4
4.2Hardware Interfaces4
4.3Software Interfaces4
5.Other Nonfunctional Requirements5
5.1Performance Requirements5
5.2Safety Requirements5
5.3Security Requirements5
5.4Software Quality Attributes5
6.Other Requirements5
Appendix A: Glossary5
Appendix B: Analysis Models6
Appendix C: Issues List6

Revision History

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1 Purpose

This is the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for the "Mumbai Rail Indicator” project. The SRS will include the details of the project’s requirement, interface and design issues.

2 Document Conventions

3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

The project is made for the passengers who travel in the trains of Mumbai. The people who travel in the crowded trains of Mumbai rails will benefit from this project as this provides a guide while traveling.

4 Project Scope

This project helps the commuters manage their time while commuting and also to board the train wisely and not change trains frequently to reach their destination or wait for particular trains on the platforms. The menu will contain information about the direction in which you want to commute i.e. toward Churchgate or Virar.

5 References

1. Ms. Vinaya Sawant, Team Mentor
2. M-Indicator home page:
3. Schach, Stephen R. Object-Oriented and Classical Software Engineering, Fifth Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2002

Overall Description

1 Product Perspective

• This product does not require any extra hardware.
• This product is not a part of any other program or software. • Since this product will run on multiple platforms, the product during the initial stages is expected to give variable output.

2 Product Features

The product gives detailed information about the Churchgate-Virar fast and slow locals. See the timings of the train at all platforms from the source to the destination which includes the platform number at the stations.

3 Operating Environment

• The product when running on Android requires a minimum of 5 MB of free space and there are no criteria on the requirement of the hardware although the Android version 3.2.6 is a must. • The product when running on Java requires a minimum of 10 MB of free space and there are no criteria on the requirement of the hardware although the Java version 2.2.1 is a must. • The product when running on IOS requires a minimum of 4 MB of free space and there are no criteria on the requirement of the hardware although the IOS version 5.0.1 is a must.

4 Design and Implementation Constraints

The product will work on any device which has at least 5 MB of free space on some platforms and 10 MB of free space on others....

References: McGraw-Hill, 2002
Overall Description
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