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Service management system model
The market segment
Vest Event customers are usually medium or big companies that want to have their employees to get part in a very unique team building that will help them to develop stronger relationships between co-workers and to establish trust in the team . The service delivery system

All the packages offered by VestEvent are taking place in special areas selected by them and all the activities are done by the customers in that place. For every area, VestEvent, is paying rent or has an authorization that allows them to practice their activities over there without any risks. The service concept

VestEvent is specialized in trips out into the country side and they can come up with stunning scenarios for their event and the weather and the season don’t care for them.
As they say in their slogan “Outdoor experience for everyone” the entire events are taking part outdoor, most of them in Hirthals or Lokken. Every time all the events are designed in that way that all the participants need to relay one on each other to succeed the task and to finish in a good time.

At most of their events VestEvent enlists the help of other companies / individuals that have the same field of activity and they hire them to have access at their services throughout the event in order to offer to their clients more options, possibilities and amusement. The image

VestEvent considers nature to be the best place where their customers could spend their free time and that’s why most of their events are held outdoor and their slogan is "outdoor activities for everyone" .

Whatever the weather or season, VestEvent employees urge their clients to participate in all the activities that they organize because it’s one of the best options to get out of the routine that surrounds most people that are all the time surrounded by cars and technology. Culture and philosophy

All VestEvent employees and partners are people that love nature...
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