Health and Safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology, Hazard prevention Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: August 27, 2013
One of the key elements in the event industry is heath and safety. This does not only mean creating a safe working environment for workers and staff, but also for people attending the event. It involves consistent educating and training of staff and taking events one step closer to making the risk less. It is imperative to involve the correct people to form a support system, people that understand all the requirements that make an event safe. Regardless of the importance of the client and whether the event is high-profile or not, if the health and safety requirements are not complied with, the event should not take place until all the measures have been taken to ensure its safety."

In South Africa there is health and safety legislation that applies to all workplace practices. This legislation is called the Occupational Health and Safety Act (NO 85 of 1993)'. All productions, events and venues must comply with this legislation and any person working outside these requirements may be subject to fines and/or prosecution.

This legislation requires all organisations involved in the live event industry to have policies and procedures that aim to protect the health and safety of all as well as to ensure that the policies are documented. We are also duty-bound to undertake risk assessments regarding a particular event and to implement appropriate control measures. The legislation places responsibility on everyone to ensure that these standards are maintained, extending beyond the producing company and its employees to venues, contractors and labour hire agencies, all of which have to comply with the above-mentioned requirements.

Strike Productions uses health and safety consultants on all events, who also provide venue services and disaster management services, which is highly recommended. They assist us in the latest rules and regulations. When a safety official arrives to do a final site inspection before an event, the Safety Consultant will have all the...
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