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supplies, but other communities further downstream towards Sydney will anxiously wait for the rivers that run through them to reach their flood peaks. Sydney escaped the worst of the bad weather but huge waves were recorded across many of the city's beaches and swells of up to eight metres out to sea. The wet weather follows a summer of unprecedented heat across large parts of Australia. Just over a week ago emergency services were issuing fire warnings and battling many blazes across huge areas....

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Types of Weather 1) Sunny 2) Cloudy 3) Rainy 4) Windy Seasons Seasons are caused as the earth revolves around the sun. Seasons stay the same for a long time. Maybe 3-4 months. Summer, Monsoon and Winter are seasons . Apart from the seasons.. .The wind .The closeness to the sea and .The clouds also affect the weather. •The Summer season is from February to May. .The weather is hot and dry. .This type of weather is called a sunny weather. .We cool ourselves by eating ice-creams, having cold...

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Weather Forecast

The girl speaks “Hello, yesterday, yes, was the hottest day of October on record, 29 degrees was high. Still little warm, still little sunny weather around in the forecast today and a lot of dry weather as well. That is in England and Wales, however. The north in England, the weather is changing through the coming hours. The sky is clouding over, outbreaks of rain cooler today. But the south of it, it involves in the midlands, into Linkensheare, in the eastern counties of England a beautiful afternoon...

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essays on weather

Building Vocabulary The weather Good weather  be bathed in/bask in/be blessed with/enjoy (Bask-enjoy sitting or lying in the heat or light of sth, esp in the sun) bright/ brilliant/glorious sunshine the sun shines/warms sth/beats down (on sth) the sunshine breaks/streams through sth  fluffy/wispy clouds drift across the sky a gentle/light/stiff/cool/warm/sea breeze blows in/comes in off the sea the snow crunches beneath/under sb's feet/boots Bad weather Thick/dark/storm clouds...

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Enron s Weather Derivatives

Case summary – Enron Corporation’s Weather Derivatives Steve Haik, Dan Sleker and Bas van Bellegem – March 2003 Background In October Mary Watts, CFO of Pacific Northwest Electric (PNW) reviewed the forward plan for PNW’s 200-2001 season. PNW’s has been experiencing nearly no EPS growth since 1995 due to deregulation and warmer-than-average winter climate. The stock price had suffered accordingly, but there maybe a way to hedge the weather risk via a new “weather derivative” being proposed by Enron’s...

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Historical Weather Patterns of Michigan

Professor's Name Here Date Here Historical Weather Patterns of Michigan Evaluating changes in synoptic patterns is tantamount to understanding regional climate change. To date, the synoptic evaluations that have been done regarding climate change output from General Circulation Models have been restricted mainly to examining changes in storm tracks across large areas. The north generally experiences colder weather compared to the south, but Michigan weather is unpredictable and switches rapidly, especially...

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weather working day

WEATHER WORKING DAYS Print By Per Zerman, Assistant Vice President, Skuld Copenhagen Published 03 November 2010 Legal news The termweather working days” often forms part of the definition of laytime . Although the meaning should, at first glance, be straightforward, it continues to be a source for dispute: The intention is that where weather conditions make it impossible to load or discharge, then that day (or period of a day) should not count as laytime. This carries with it a fairly broad...

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Weather Affects Your Mood

How weather effect your mood? Weather can have more than a little impact on your mood. Researchers in Germany branched out beyond just sunny and cloudy and looked at temperature, wind, sunlight, rain and snow, air pressure, and how long the days were. The study was led by Jaap Denissen of Humboldt University in Berlin. The study had 1,233 participants, all living in Germany at the time. Most of the participants were women, the average age was 28, with ages spanning from 13 to 68 years old. Study...

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Vacations: Weather and Beach

is cool breeze running through your hair. It is hot on one side and by the time you are in the water, the weather just makes you feel good. You can smell the saltwater and the fresh air. The climate at the beach makes you feel so calm and takes you away from all the worries of your busy life. If the weather is perfect at the breach, then only you could enjoy your beach vacation. The weather is perfect, you are with your family and friends, the next thing you will do are some fun activities with...

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Hot Weather Risks

Hot Weather Risks As the summers are approaching and the tempratures have started to rise,so it will have its effects on our bodies.In order to perform our duties safely and efficiently we need to understand this change in weather and acknowledge the effects and risks associated with it. Because if we are mindful of the fact that our bodies need to adapt with this change only then we shall be able to do requisite measures to counter it. I will not be discussing the risks associated to ground/air...

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