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Types of
1) Sunny
2) Cloudy
3) Rainy
4) Windy


Seasons are caused as the earth revolves around
the sun. Seasons stay the same for a long time.
Maybe 3-4 months.

Summer, Monsoon and Winter are
seasons .

Apart from the
.The wind
.The closeness
to the sea and
.The clouds
also affect the

•The Summer season is from February to May.
.The weather is hot and dry.
.This type of weather is called a sunny weather.
.We cool ourselves by eating ice-creams, having cold drinks and drinking plenty of water.
.We should wear light cotton clothes so that we don’t sweat much.

.The Rainy season is from June to September.
.There is thunder and lightning along with rain on a rainy day. .The children like to play in puddles.
.We carry umbrellas and wear raincoats and gumboots. Rain makes everything wet.

.Winter is from October to January.
.The weather is cold during winter.
.People wear woollen clothes to keep themselves warm.
.We enjoy drinking hot tea or milk with cocoa and hot chocolate . .It snows in some place so the people there enjoy making snowman and snowballs.
.Diwali and Christmas are celebrated during this time.

The story of weather
• It was
Ravi was at
home, he
was feeling
really hot
in the
house, he
thought of
an idea.

He called all his friend from the society and they all
went down to the beach near the society, to have
fun and to keep themselves cool in the sunny

All of a sudden big dark clouds appeared in the
sky and the weather soon became cloudy.

The wind started blowing and the weather
turned windy.

The man on street next to the beach, wore his raincoat,
gumboots and opened his umbrella to save himself
from getting wet.

The children ran back to their society, they were sad but Ravi was is no mood to let the rain spoil their day, he had an idea, they all wore their raincoats n gumboots and ran back to the park to have fun in the rainy weather.

Ravi thought
to himself
that he is so
lucky he is
himself with
his friends
otherwise he
would be all
watching the
rain from his

Now it was late in the evening, it had stopped raining, the weather was nice and cold, the children decided to go
home change, have dinner and take permission from their
parents to camp down in the garden, light a bonfire and say

The next
night before
going to bed
Ravi thought
of all the fun
he had with
his friends
on Saturday.
He thanked
God for the
that day.

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