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  • Seasons

    What is Your Favourite Season? Why? The question of what is my favourite season is a difficult one to answer. Almost everyone will give a different response‚ for there are as many positive points to each of the four seasons as you can possibly imagine. Nonetheless‚ I agree that my favourite season is summer and the three main reasons are that summer is a time to relax and enjoy yourself‚ the weather is seldom cold or rainy‚ and it is a great opportunity for families to travel. To start with‚

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  • The Seasons of the Year. My Favourite Season

    The Seasons of the Year. My Favourite Season. It’s a universal truth that every season is beautiful in its own way. Isn’t it wonderful to tramp down the country lanes on a frosty winter day. Everything is white with snow and it crunches under your feet. The rime sparkles on the branches and the icicles like precious diamonds hang from the roofs of the houses. It’s a merry time for both children and grownups. They can go skating and skiing‚ sledging and having a fight with snowballs or making

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  • Winter and Season

    Winter is the coldest season of the year. December and January are chiefly the winter months. During winter‚ cold winds blow from the north. Thick fog often hides the sun‚ and cold becomes severe. The poor people suffer during the winter for want of warm clothes. They are seen basking in the sun‚ or sitting around the fire‚ to keep their body warm. People wear warm clothes and use blankets‚ quilts‚ etc. to protect themselves from severe cold. Winter is a pleasant season for those who can afford

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  • Season and Winter

    Winter There are diferent wonderful seasons‚ and each country has its own pattern. Most people have their favorite season. Howevere‚ winter is a season everyone loves and everyone can hate. Winter is a special season because of the weather‚ hoilidays‚ and outdoor activities. Winter is a time of the year where things matter the most. Next‚ a very dry and cold weather prevails everywhere in the country in winter. Snow is like white ash that falls from the sky onto land. It is like magic before your

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  • favorite season

    Morgan Walters 9-15-14 outline I. INTRODUCTION: • Thesis: Fall is the best season of them all. There may be only four seasons but this one definitely dominates them all. There are a lot of reasons why fall is amazing and I am going to go over some of these reasons with you in this essay. II. BODY PARAGRAPH 1: • Opening Sentence: Some of the best things about fall are the sights • Detail 1: leaves on the trees • Detail 2: the cute clothes • Detail 3: array of pumpkins III. BODY PARAGRAPH II:

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  • Changing Seasons

    Changing Seasons Seasons are typically a pleasant thought for individuals. People commonly have a season or a type of weather that they consider their favorite. Whether it is summer‚ fall‚ winter‚ or spring‚ certain people desire different climates and look forward to when their preferred season arrives. Some people may overlook the fact that changing seasons can have a lot of effect on your mood. Seasons can provoke a very good change for the mind; on the other hand‚ there is a time of year that

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  • Fall Season

    Reflect on this season/time of year. What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel? Fall Season Fall holds its own unique meaning for every individual. It could be the coming of cooler days to some‚ while others think of football. To the younger individuals‚ it means back to school‚ and those who are passionate about nature enjoy this time of year. Something as simple as a season change holds so many meanings to so many different individuals. Fall season is one of the most seasons I like because

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  • Spring Season

    Language Overview for – ‘Out in the Garden’ |Objectives – | |Listening to stories and rhymes on ‘Out in the Garden’ | |Sight Words - has‚ can | |Revisit sight word

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  • Seasons: Season and Hot Long Days.winter

    Seasons There are four different seasons in a three hundred and sixty five day time span. One is summer‚ the time of swealtering hot long days.Winter is another season where there is nothing but white‚ snowflakes piled umong eachother that had fallen from the sky. Making outside look like a white wonderland. There is also fall and spring‚ the seasons that lead up to both summer and winter. Each season has a different feeling too it‚ and most people chose a favorite out of the four. Fall is closest

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  • Season and Winter

    Weather and Seasons What’s the weather like in spring? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 SUMMER COLD WEAR SUNGLASSES MITTENS COAT DECEMBER SPRING WEATHER DRY Across Down 5. We wear _____ to keep the hands warm in the winter. 7. In China‚ the winter is usually in ______ ‚ January and February. 9. We wear _______ and shorts in the summer. 10. What’s the opposite of wet? 1. I usually wear my orange _____ in the winter. 2. It’s usually hot and sunny in _______ . 3. In

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