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rhetorical strategies that can be found are alliteration, assonance, and cacophony. The major rhetorical strategy that Scheffing used was alliteration. The use of alliteration by Scheffing serves to be quite effective in email because it allows her to point out the use of rhetorical strategies by Wilson in his essay. An example of alliteration used by Scheffing is, "A number of examples are obvious through the first few paragraphs of the essay" (1). The alliteration can be seen in the words "first" and...

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Alliteration in Poetry and Prose

Alliteration is the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables. In poetry and prose, the use, within a line or phrase, of words beginning with the same sound, as in Two tired toads trotting to Tewkesbury. It was a common device in Old English literature, and its use survives in many traditional phrases, such as dead as a doornail and pretty as a picture. Alliteration is used in modern poetry more sparingly than in Old English, as...

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Judith Wright

poems, to create effects to receive the desired response(s) from the readers. The alliteration of “he” in “heart halts” from “Bora ring” gives an effect of fear felt by the rider, as he is aware of the presence of the gone aboriginals, the assonance acquired by the repetition of “ee” in “Dream the world breathed sleeping” gives a lulling effect to the sound, creating a relaxing and resting environment. The alliteration of “mortal/masterful” and “frail/gulls” gives an effect that adds a lightness of...

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Annabel Lee

two examples of ‘s’ sounds in the middle of words. c. Write out two examples with ‘s’ sounds at the end. 4. Poetic Terms: a. Write out one example of a rhyming couplet. b. Write out two examples of assonance. c. Write out two examples of alliteration. d. Write out two examples of internal rhyme. 5. On the creative level (not literal), what did Annabel Lee die of? According to the author, what is the reason for Annabel Lee’s death (NOT the cause)? 6. In the poem, what is the literal cause...

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is given below: “The buoy of the Inchcape Bell was seen A darker speck on the ocean green; Sir Ralph the Rover, walk’d his deck And he fix’d his eye on the darker speck.” ALLITERATION: Alliteration is the close repetition of the consonant sounds at the beginning of words to facilitate narration. Examples of alliteration in the poem are,- a. The ship was as still as she could be b. Without either sign or sound of their shock PERSONIFICATION: Personification is a figure of speech in which inanimate...

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Poetry and Catalog Poem A.i

Vocabulary Terms a. Catalog Poem a.i. The repetition of items in the list creates a rolling rhythm when the poem is read aloud b. Repetition b.i. Refers to sounds, words, phrases, or lines that are states or used more than once in a poem c. Alliteration c.i. Repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words d. Assonance d.i. Repetition of similar vowel sounds that are followed by different consonant sounds e. Personification e.i. An animal given human-like qualities or an object given...

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Cousin Kate Rossetti

because he is a visual reminder of her relationship with the Lord. By the end of the poem the reader can suggest that the speaker has a fear of her son being taken away as that is all she has left to herself, evident in “cling closer, closer yet” the alliteration emphasises the love she has for her son and the fear that he could be taken away. Lastly, the poem ends with “To wear his coronet”. This metaphor implies that if the Lord were to die, his son would inherit everything of his father therefore the...

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Definition of Alliterative Verse

Germanic tradition that was mainly in the form of alliterative verse (Greenblatt). When comparing to other forms of poetry, there are 6 key characteristics that define alliterative verse: four-beat lines, medial caesuras, enjambments, half-line alliteration, kennings and litotes. In addition to Beowulf and “Caedmon’s Hymn”, examples will also be taken from my alliterative verse translation of the nursery rhyme “Little Jack Horner”. Jack the Horner By Student Jack the Horner, not gigantic was...

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ENG 1501

but the sculptor remains of the great Ozymandias a man filled with great pride. 5. The poet makes use of the poetic device of alliteration in the last two lines. Identify the words that make up this figure of speech and comment on the effect this device creates here. The words, “boundless and bare”, “lone and level”, sands stretch” are an effect of alliteration which the writer has used to create irony.The King ruled with oppression 6 and terror and his actions brought not only glory...

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Ballad of the Landlord

signify that the tenant is pleading with the landlord. The poem also shows several examples of alliteration, such as "landlord landlord, my roof has sprung a leak." The rhythm of the poem is consistent, until line 25, when it switches to triplets and the rhyme then changes to A B C D B C E F F. The poetic devices convey that the speaker is a poor uneducated negro by using things like ebonics and alliteration. I think there is only one theme in this poem; that a poor negro is being cheated out of his...

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