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  • Alliteration in Poetry and Prose

    Alliteration is the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables. In poetry and prose‚ the use‚ within a line or phrase‚ of words beginning with the same sound‚ as in Two tired toads trotting to Tewkesbury. It was a common device in Old English literature‚ and its use survives in many traditional phrases‚ such as dead as a doornail and pretty as a picture. Alliteration is used in modern poetry more sparingly than in Old English‚ as

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  • Alliteration In Sinners

    In the sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards‚ there is a usage of rhetorical devices including imagery‚ alliteration‚ and personification to create an impacting scene for the audience to obey and follow the path of Christ. He engages with his audience through rhetorical devices and registers the repercussions in relation with an angry god and being doomed to hell. In the sermon‚ Edwards applies an imagery into his speech. For example‚ he claims that "Their case is past

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  • Alliteration In Beowulf

    The narrative Beowulf uses alliterations‚ kennings‚ repetition‚ monologues‚ metonymy and synecdoche. An example of alliteration used in Beowulf is around the lines 700-1100 in the text when Grendel was approaching and fighting the people in the hall. The lines say “Heorot trembled‚ wonderfully built to withstand the blows‚ the

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  • Alliteration In Jasper Jones

    “There’s grunting and the smacking sounds of flesh.” The author describes the concept by revealing alliteration to highlight the impression of crime and violence‚ as well as applying imagery to divert the audience’s thought towards the fight. On the contrary‚ the recurring ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds have been developed to expand the intensity‚ and bring about awareness

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  • Alliteration story

    An armada of angry kitchen applications alternate along an armored artillery arrangement. They activate an aggressive anti-aircraft artillery attack. A battle as bad as a bowl of broiled broccoli‚ the bullets bounce off of the ballistics barracks just before it began bombarding the battalion. Chaos crumbles the corrosive kitchen creations. The core has corrupted and the cult of the creations cautiously crashed to a complete cease. Dinner is destroyed due to the devastating dive bombers. The dishes

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  • Alliteration In The Panther By Rilke

    in a cage and is also is tired and weak. He tries desperately to escape‚ so he paces back and forth as a way of saying he won’t be tamed. Rilke uses symbolism and alliteration to get this theme across. When he is talking about the iron bars‚ it symbolizes the lack of freedom. He shows how small and contained he is through alliteration. When he says “cramped circles” and “powerful soft strides”. We see it as shift in the panther when it decides to open his eyes in the third stanza‚ feeling a strong

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  • Analysis of a Poem “We wear the mask”

    written in 1895‚ which is around the era when slavery was abolished. Dunbar‚ living in this time period‚ was able to experience the gruesome effects of racism‚ hatred and prejudice against blacks at its worst. Using literary techniques such as: alliteration‚ metaphor‚ persona‚ cacophony‚ apostrophe and paradox‚ Paul Dunbar’s poem suggests blacks of his time wore masks of smiling faces to hide their true feelings. In

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  • Romeo and Juliet

    to the grave” to show the power of fate and juliet can not escape her fate of dying.Thu we are reminded of the doomed “star crossed lovers” mentioned in the prologue again. Power of pride is also displayed with rhyming words “slave “face “an alliteration‚ ” fetch me my rapier” an assonnance‚”flesh tremble” and sibilance ”scorn at our soleminity” highlighting the power implied in Tybalt. The power is reflected by his frustration and anger due to Romeo’s presence in the party as he is part of the

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  • Break of Day in the Trenches

    having a conversation with the rat about war. The tone however is sadness. He is fighting in a war where he knows he is going to get killed. Isaac Rosenberg does a great job of using figurative language to convey his poem to his audience. He uses alliteration to keep the poem flowing and to make it more interesting for the reader. Since the poem has no specific rhyme scheme‚ the author also uses assonance to add rhyme to the poem. The overall theme to the poem is war is hell. Another theme could be

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  • Frances Cornley Alliteration

    In Frances Cornford’s “The Watch”‚ the narrator uses internal alliteration and rhyme to work throughout the poem to strengthen its meaning. The narrator is very sick in the poem. The narrator uses several instances of internal alliteration and rhyme to emphasize the illustration of the pain caused by his illness that he is facing. In the first line of the poem‚ internal alliteration is used to describe the setting. The narrator says‚ “I wakened on my hot‚ hard bed” (468). When read aloud‚ these words

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