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  • Notes on Epic Poetry

    Notes on Epic Poetry An epic or heroic poem falls into one of two patterns‚ both established by Homer: the structure (and allegory to life) may be either war or journey‚ and the hero may be on a quest (as Odysseus is) or pursuing conquest (as Achilles is). Features of legend building evident in epic include the following: 1. the hero’s near-invulnerability (Achilles’ heel‚ the spot on Seigfried’s back); 2. the hero’s fighting without conventional weapons (as in Beowulf’s wrestling Grendel); 3

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  • Epic Poetry

    Definition: An epic is a long narrative poem presenting characters of high position in a series of adventures which form an organic whole through their relation to a central figure of heroic proportions and through their development of episodes important to the history of a nation or a race. Classifications of epic poetry: There are a number of ways in which literary scholars have attempted to classify the various types of poems that claim to be "epics". The following two systems are offered

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  • Epic Poetry and Beowulf

    "The Epic Beowulf"   Beowulf is an epic poem that takes place in early medieval warrior culture of Europe.  An epic is a narrative poem containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation.  Beowulf is a brave warrior.  He ventures off to another land to help aide in defeating a demon/monster.  Epics usually include war or combat one on one‚ as in the three battles featured in this poem.  Beowulf shows his courage and skill by slaying Grendel without the use of a shield

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  • An Essay on Epic Poetry

    thy silvery coast‚ Sittest encircled by a filial host‚ And seest thy sons‚ the jewels of thy crown‚ Blaze with each varying ray of rich renown; If with just love I hold their Genius dear‚ Lament their hardships‚ and their fame revere‚ O bid thy Epic Muse‚ with honor due‚ Range her departed Champions in my view! See‚ on a party-colour’d steed of fire‚ With Humour at his side‚ his trusty Squire‚ Gay CHAUCER leads — in form a Knight of old‚ And his strong armour is of steel and gold; But

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  • Epic Poetry and Beowulf Pg

    Epic poems have a unique set of characteristics that distinguish them from just an ordinary poem. An epic poem must contain a hero that is male‚ noble‚ and of importance to society who gives long formal speeches and travels over a vast setting. In the epic poem‚ Beowulf‚ the reader can see distinct Anglo-Saxon political‚ economic‚ and religious values in the actions of the characters and the things happening around them. Wealth in the Anglo-Saxon society‚ as seen in Beowulf‚ was used as a means of

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  • Epic Poetry and Gilgamesh

    Joseph Gully Professor Christina Strafaci English 2310 January 18‚ 2013 The Epic of Gilgamesh I. The Epic of Gilgamesh a. Retelling of the poem in verse narrative by Herbert Mason is used. b. Gilgamesh is introduced to the human side of virtues versus the demi-god side. c. Gilgamesh is a changed man by the end thanks to his fortitude. d. Gilgamesh and his many actions result in nothing but death‚ a foreign concept to a demi-god. II. Vanity and Violence

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  • Epic Poetry and Modern Day Hero

    how they are both rewarded for what they do‚ and how they are both treated with much respect. The first comparison is how they are both fighting for a good cause‚ and I mean that they are trying to protect people‚ and doing the right thing. In the epic story Beowulf is fighting to destroy the monster that is eating all of Hrothgars men in the mead hall. Beowulf defeats the monster and seeks all other monsters that try to promote evil and do evil things. The soldiers do the same as they try to defeat

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  • Literature: Epic Poetry and Ancient China

    The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest known literary works. This Babylonian epic poem arises from stories in the Sumerian language. Although the Sumerian stories are older (probably dating to at least 2100 B.C.)‚ it was probably composed around 1900 BC. The epic deals with themes of heroism‚ friendship‚ loss‚ and the quest for eternal life. Different historical periods are reflected in literature. National and tribal sagas‚ accounts of the origin of the world and of customs‚ and myths which

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  • Epic Poetry: the Foundation of Literature

    Epic poetry stands alone as the most influential writing of all time (“Short History of English Literature”). No other authors created such exemplary masterpieces which provide cultural perspectives. Society worldwide has been molded significantly through the ages by the epic poets like Homer and Dante‚ inspiring stories of heroes‚ gods‚ and epic wars which have instilled strong morals throughout mankind. Without the sonorous writings‚ many successors to the epic authors would not have produced their

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  • What is an Epic?

    What Is Epic An epic (from the Ancient Greek adjective ἐπικός (epikos)‚ from ἔπος (epos) "word‚ story‚ poem"[1]) is a lengthy narrative poem‚ ordinarily concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation.[2] Oral poetry may qualify as an epic‚ and Albert Lord and Milman Parry have argued that classical epics were fundamentally an oral poetic form. Nonetheless‚ epics have been written down at least since the works of Virgil‚ Dante Alighieri

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