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until the end, whatever end that may be. Secondly, Beowulf travels to find his adventure. Rarely are challenges thrust upon him; he goes seeking them. When Beowulf first hears of Grendel, his fondness for adventure and pride brings him to Heorot Hall, of Hrothgar, king of the Danes. This adventure leads him through the deadly, stormy sea, quite an escapade in itself. After defeating Grendel, Beowulf travels to the perilous cave of Grendel’s Mother, even though he is not required too. Years...

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A Living Story: Symbolism in Beowulf

was often what brought a community together. When King Hrothgar built Heorot for his people, he intended it “to be a wonder of the world forever” (Beowulf line 70). Victor Chica wrote in “Home is Where the Heorot is” that Heorot has a dual purpose; it is both a literal structure and a metaphoric structure. Mead-halls in general served both purposes because they were the community’s center. This is a valid argument for Heorot specifically because the hall literally represents the Dane’s strength...

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Beowulf's Battles

through heroic performances. Throughout the poem, Beowulf clashes with three different monsters. The first battle comes with a summoning for Beowulf because a beast named Grendel has recently attacked Heorot, and King Hroogar has no other alternative but to apply for his assistance. Beowulf arrives in Heorot with no weapon because he feels as if he would have an advantage over Grendel. The men fall asleep while waiting for the beast to return, and the devilish monster engulfs one of Beowulf’s men. “....

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changes a lot of the actual events within the story. Lastly the ripping of Grendel’s arm, within the movie Beowulf uses a chain to assume control of his arm, eventually trapping Grendel’s arm in the door’s of Heorot, and ripping his arm off in the process. In the book the monster storms in Heorot begins his attack, while the demon makes his attack on Beowulf, it is caught off guard when Beowulf grips the demon with strength far greater than the demon has ever known. Beowulf eventually rips off the arm...

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Grendel, the Great Antagonist

Grendel with words like miserable, banished, and accursed showing that no matter what the demonic character does he will never stop the destruction. The reader witnesses this when Grendel continues to terrorize the people even after he destroys the Heorot. As the narrator says, “Grendel, his long and unrelenting feud/,nothing but war; how he would never parley or make peace.”(52-54). With the demon having no goal except to harm people, the reader has no doubt that the creature is evil and that happiness...

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Beowulf Revenge

characters throughout the book, initially provoking Grendel and his mother. Grendel seeks revenge upon mankind for the heritage that he has. He enjoys raiding Heorot because it is the symbol of everything that he hates about men: their success, joy, glory, and favor in the eyes of God. Grendel's mother's revenge is more specific. She attacks Heorot because someone there killed her son. Although she is smaller and less powerful than Grendel, she is motivated by a mother's fury. When Beowulf goes after...

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Uncanny Aspects in Beowulf

it like no one else could without haste. Beowulf, the mightiest of all in this world, ideally portrays the innate qualities of a hero, and surpasses them with great length. Beowulf came, he saw, he conquered and destroyed the vile Grendle. Heorot is once again a joyful place. With courage, strength, and integrity the glorious Beowulf accomplishes everything and more to become a hero that will never be forgotten...

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beowulf characterization

himself. One of the key ways in which we are able to identify Beowulf’s character is through other people’s perception of him. When we first meet Beowulf, he is arriving on the shores of Heorot with his fighting men. He is greeted by a guard who, though unaware of who Beowulf is or why he has traveled to Heorot, claims “[Never] have I seen a mightier man.. on this earth” and “He [Beowulf] is truly noble (247-252)” When we look at this very first impression of beowulf recorded in the literature...

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Book Analysis: Beowulf

terrorizing his people. Out of options, King Hrothgar feels hopeless; this is where Beowulf comes in. As a Geat, Beowulf is an outsider. He enters the mead hall, called Heorot, extremely confident. He has an attitude about him that others can really feel around him. He is one of the most famous heroes among the Geats and he has gone to Heorot to continue his heroism and prove himself. He comes across as slightly arrogant when he rejects the help of anyone else. He wants to prove his bravery and strength...

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The Beowulf poet reveals the theme of loyal dependency through symbolism

Heorot's rafters for everyone to see. This trophy with "Every nail, claw-scale and spur, every spike and welt... like barbed steel," (lines 983-986) symbolizes the evil that has threatened the harmony of Hrothgar's retainers from being able to protect Heorot and their lord. When Hrothgar gazes upon Grendel's talon, when he praises Beowulf as the "flower of manhood" (942), and when he adopts Beowulf as his own son, the reader senses the importance of this symbol reflecting the interdependence necessary...

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