Grendel vs. Joker Villain Essay

Topics: Beowulf, The Dark Knight, Arkham Asylum Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Tarik Babar Beowulf Essay

Why so serious? A question asked by one of our favorite crazy, insane, psychopathic villain. Grendel would never ask this question. These two villains use very different methods of attack.
Grendel is the horrid creature that lives in the lake near Heorot Hall. Heorot is a mead hall of King Hrothgar. Citizens go there do drink, eat, laugh, tell stories, and do whatever they please. The creature (Grendel) is known to be the descendant of Cain, which is one of the reasons for all of his hatred. Grendel terrorizes and consumes the occupants of the mead hall. Another reason for his disgust towards the people of Heorot is that he was rejected from the community of people that occupy Heorot and the adjacent area. The main reason for Grendel’s attack on the mead hall is that he envious. The people of Heorot get to enjoy there delicious foods and intoxicating liquor, while Grendel has to live out in the cold forest and hunt for his food. Another reason for his attacks is that he just has a natural hatred for humans due to Cain’s sin and his family lineage makes him hate. In this story, lineage is extremely important, due to the time period that this story was based on. Grendel displays quality of a traditional villain.

The Joker displays qualities of the new type of villain authors/ directors like to use. The Joker’s method of terrorizing people is very strange. None of his actions are explained, which makes him incredibly mysterious. One example of his strangeness is his scars on the sides of his mouth. Each time he tells a different story of how he got them. He is a stock character, meaning there was no information on his origins, we, the audience, just knew what kind of character he was…obviously, completely insane. The Joker’s ways of attack are very strategic and clever. You, as the audience, never know what he will do next and whatever he does, he always makes you jump. His way of life is that with rules, life is boring....
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