Seasons: Season and Hot Long Days.winter

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There are four different seasons in a three hundred and sixty five day time span. One is summer, the time of swealtering hot long days.Winter is another season where there is nothing but white, snowflakes piled umong eachother that had fallen from the sky. Making outside look like a white wonderland. There is also fall and spring, the seasons that lead up to both summer and winter. Each season has a different feeling too it, and most people chose a favorite out of the four.
Fall is closest to my comfort zone. The temperature is never to hot, and never too cold. It is actually one hundred percent perfect. The leaveson the big bushy blooming trees, change colors to from green to orange, and orange to red, eventually fall to the ground, to make piles of leaves for the kids in the neighborhood to jump in. The piles of leaves on the ground, and the changing colors of green to red usually tend to symbolize that winter is on its way. Winter im not very fond of. Most winter people like to be outside snowmobiling, or skiing, or even snowboarding. People have different views on different things. I do like some points of winter, but not necessarily love. Like sitting around a fire, drinking warm steamy hot chocolate with the dozens of people I have in my family after a long day of sledding.
Summer is an okay season, I may have to complain about the way the salty water drips down my face and neck because I just don’t prefer that. Sweat is not the greatest thing in the world. But summer is mostly when all the kids are playing frizby on the beach, and people are getting pulled on big tubes, in the back of their big boats. Some people like to enjoy the swealtering hot sun, me on the other hand, not so much. I have very pale skin, therefore me being in the sun for twenty minutes, I feel like im boiling on a frying pan.
Each season has its ups and downs. I would choose spring and fall over summer and winter. I choose not to be in swealtering heat, or cold snow, but

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