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Information Project Title Wind Power Operated Eco-Friendly Bike Objective Availability of energy, its source and cost have become key points in development over the last couple of decades. Ever rising demand and consumption of conventional fueled energies despite fast depletion of the resources have encouraged development of green energy sources. Green energy technologies are modern day solutions to the problems of conventional energy generation. Wind power, as an alternative to fossil...

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Ode to the West Wind

ODE TO THE WEST WIND Summary The autumnal west wind sweeps along the leaves and "winged seeds." The seeds will remain dormant until spring. The wind is thus a destroyer and a preserver. The west wind also sweeps along storm clouds. It is the death song of the year. With the night that closes the year will come rain, lightning, and hail; there will be storms in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The poet pleads with the west wind to endow him with some of its power, for he feels depressed and helpless...

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Ode to the West Wind

Theme :- Inspiration in "Ode to the West Wind" "When composition begins, inspiration is already on the decline" - P. B. Shelley 	Shelley deals with the theme of inspiration in much of his work. However it is particularly apparent in ‘Ode to the West Wind' where the wind is the source of his creativity. The cycles of death and rebirth are examined in an historical context with reference to The Bible. The word inspiration has several connotations that Shelley uses in...

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Ode to the West Wind

The Summary of P.B. Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind Published in 1820, P.B. Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind, is a poem which allegorizes the role of the poet as the voice of change and revolution. Shelley realizes that he cannot in actual life, rise to the height of imaginative perfection, which was his dream. But it is his bold optimism that he invokes the West Wind to blow the clarion call to the ‘unawaken’d earth’ and to sow the seeds of hope of regeneration. The poem begins with three stanzas...

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Analysis On Wind By Ted Hughes

Poetry Analysis on ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes The poem ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes is about the power and the ferocity of wind, the speaker puts forwards how demonic ‘Wind’ can be, it can make everything around him quiver, shiver and fear. The title ‘Wind’ is used as a proper noun, the speaker differentiates the winds in nature to ‘Wind’ he is talking about; the one he is talking about is a demonic creature. In the first stanza, the speaker changes his settings, he starts by saying there is a tempest in the...

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Analysis: October Dawn and Wind

By referring to two or three of the poems you have read so far, explain what attitude(s) to the natural world you find in these poems and what leads you to this conclusion The poems “Wind” and “October Dawn” by Ted Hughes conveys Hughes' attitudes towards the raw power of nature. Through these two poems he presents his belief that although humans have tamed and adapted nature to our purposes, it is still powerful and has the capability of destroying us, and therefore using violent powerful imagery...

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Wind Technology Case Study

flow problems 3. Produces wind-profiling radar systems for weather forecasting and wind detection 4. 9-12 months to improve cash flow Strengths 1. Adherence to specifications and quality production 2. Technical expertise provides full system integration—customers can order either basic components or a full system 3. Meteorologists and atmospheric scientists provide the customer with sophisticated support 4. All resources had been devoted to wind-profiling 5. Government...

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Ode to the West Wind

"Ode to the West Wind," Shelley invokes Zephyrus, the west wind, to free his "dead thoughts" and words, "as from an unextinguished hearth / Ashes and sparks" (63, 66-67), in order to prophesy a renaissance among humanity, "to quicken a new birth" (64). This ode, one of a few personal lyrics published with his great verse drama, "Prometheus Unbound," identifies Shelley with his heroic, tormented Titan. By stealing fire from heaven, Prometheus enabled humanity to found civilization. In punishment,...

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Wind Chill

Wind chill is the perceived decrease in air temperature felt by the body on exposed sin due to the flow of cold air. Wind chill temperatures are always lower than air temperature. The human body loses heat through convection, evaporation, conduction and radiation. The rate of heat loss by a surface through convection depends on the wind speed above that surface. As a surface heats the air around it, an insulating boundary layer of warm air forms agains the surface. Moving...

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Kamkwamba was born in a family of relative poverty and relied primarily on farming to survive. According to his biography, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, his father had been a rough fighting man who changed after discovering the Christian God. A crippling famine forced Kamkwamba to drop out of school, and he was not able to return to school because his family was unable to afford the tuition fees. In a desperate attempt to retain his education, Kamkwamba began to frequent the library. It was at...

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Storms: Wind and Storm

change or avoid similar changes. The poet describes the fact that she can only watch the storm in the first stanza. This relates to when she talks about how humans are helpless on the inside and only able to “close the shutters” (21). The whistle of the wind, or “whine” (23) as Rich uses, cannot be stopped. The “zone of gray unrest” (4) in the first stanza is made black by the fourth stanza and readers realize that the storm’s threat is not only a physical one, but it threatens her mood. She remains calm...

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Imagery in Ode to the West Wind by P.B.Shelley

Nilanjan Dutt Imagery in Shelley’s Ode To The West Wind Ode to the West Wind is a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley that shows the correspondence between the inner and the outer world of the poet. It is among his famous poems. The major theme of the poem is the poet’s intention to become a force that may bring the change and rejuvenation in man’s life. This theme is metaphorically shown by the rejuvenation of nature through the west wind as an agent. It is described through his excellent use...

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Wind Energy

Here we discussed in Detail about Wind Energy and the production of electricity from moving vehicles. So first we defined Energy. Till Now we have studied that energy is the ability of a body to do work .it can also be defined as the ability of a body to bring some change is the energy of that body. Energy is very necessary for human beings; every thing in the universe possessed some energy. There are two main kinds of Energy 1. Kinetic Energy 2. potential Energy Kinetic energy is produced...

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who has seen the wind notes

Birth and death he learned a quite a bit about discovering the true meaning of life. Symbols Wind The wind symbolizes life's many obstacles and the mystery of life. W.O. mitchell was inspired by a poem written by Christina Rossetti; Who has seen the wind nethier you nor I: but when the trees bow down their heads, the wind is passing by. I believe that the wind is a metaphor for the uncertainty that goes along with living your life. ...

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and bluster, prodded by the restless wind. Ski resorts don’t like to talk about wind–or storms in general—because it scares away the tourists, who somehow forget that winter is messy, cold, and wild, as if snow were laid down softly each night like a blanket over a sleeping baby. But wind is a fact of life in the mountains, as much a part of the weather as snow itself, and those who grumble about it or say it does nothing but blow overlook the fact that the wind gives as much as it takes. It can seem...

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Wind Mill

A windmill is a machine that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails.[1][2] Originally, windmills were developed for milling grain for food production. In the course of history, the windmill machinery was adapted to many other industrial uses.[3] An important non-milling use is to pump water, either for land drainage or to extract groundwater. Contents  [hide]  * 1 Windmills in antiquity * 2 Horizontal windmills * 3 Vertical windmills * 3.1 Post...

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The Wind

"The Wind" I am the Wind  I creep and crawl through every swamp and valley  Touching every leaf and holding every branch  Surrounding every rock and cooling every stream  Playing with the leaves that dance on my shoulders  I am the Wind.  I cradle nature's breath in my arms  Rocking it back and forth  Singing to it my sweet lullaby  Kissing its tender face with my gentle breeze  I am the Wind.  I instruct the tall grass to bow before me  Ruling over the leaves and governing the...

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Power of Wind

Power of Wind Jason A. Jennings Principles of Marketing (BUS 330) Instructor: Debra McCoskey-Reisert January 28, 2012 Power of Wind There is a large sector in the United States that believes wind energy is an excellent alternative resource. There is also a group of people that believe that the wind turbines that are used to generate wind energy is a bad idea because they obstruct the natural view, causes death to birds, and generates noise pollution. They also argue that wind energy is...

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Gone with the Wind

| The influence cause by Gone With The Wind on film industry | Bridget Zhu Yanrui | | 2010-12-1 | | | The Influence Caused by Gone with the Wind on Film Industry Introduction Many filmmakers would say that there is no such thing as a movie capable of shaking the world. It does influence the world. Although it is very hard to make such a movie which can shake the world, some filmmakers still attempt to make them. In fact, it sometimes take years to realize what really a great...

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Review of Gone with the Wind

Assignment: Review of Gone With the Wind Date: 2013.10.11 The Scarlet Flame Have you seen that girl, sitting around by dozen of beaux with her dimples deep and her earrings sparking? Have you seen that girl, marching alone the war with her shoulder squared and her back straight? Have you seen that girl, fighting against the poverty and starvation with her heart hard and her promises kept? Have you seen that girl, goosing the public with her head up high and her eyes determined? That girl is...

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Wind turbin

decided to choose this topic because wind turbines is one of the answer against the global warming, it is a completely renewable source of energy. When it is installed, running cost are lower than many other electrical systems. While running, wind power do not produce carbon dioxide. However, all structure have an impact on the environment. Many people complain about the damage to local eco-system, to the visual impact as well as the noise that produce. Wind turbine seems to be clean when they...

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Wind Energy

energy sources like solar and wind energy will see increased use to replace traditional sources. One of these sources, wind energy, is seeing a rise in development because it is a source of renewable energy that is both sustainable and poses minimal costs to the environment. Wind power has been around for many centuries, and has steadily developed over the last 100 years. The first major usage of wind power in the United States was between 1870-1930 when farmers used wind energy to pump water (Union...

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Candle In the Wind

 1 April 2014 Candle in the Wind Sir Elton Hercules John CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on 25 March 1947 is an English singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, record producer, and occasional actor. He has worked with lyricist “Bernie Taupin” as his songwriter partner since 1967; they have collaborated on more than 30 albums to date. (Paragraph 1) “Candle in the Wind” is a name of a song performed by Elton John and written by he and...

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Cape WInd

Cape Wind Environmental Science The purpose of this research paper is to identify the environmental impact of the purposed offshore wind farm going in the Nantucket Sound located in Massachusetts. Key environmental issues will be discussed based on the effects of other wind farms from around the world. Government officials, organizations, and people who oppose the wind farm will also be discussed or how these people are trying to prevent this wind farm from being constructed.   ...

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Ode to The west Wind Analysis

Analysis of “Ode to the West Wind” I chose the poem Ode to The West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley because I was attracted to the many images Shelley painted in the poem. Nature is a very interesting and powerful force and the way Shelley portrays it in this poem really caught my attention. Shelley also emphasizes the importance of words and their potential impact on a society if shared. This is a concept I found quite intriguing. In my research, I found that when Shelley wrote this poem he...

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Feasibility of Wind Power Plant

R.A.Mohan Prasanna Feasibility study of a Wind power plant Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Assumptions 6 3. Capital requirement of the project 9 4. Forecasted Profit and Loss account 10 5. Forecasted Balance sheet 10 6. Cash flow of the project 14 7. IRR/NPV analysis 17 8. Conclusions 18 9. References 18 10. Appendices 20 ...

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Wind Turbines

“A wind turbine is a machine for converting the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy”. (1) The inventor of the first electric wind turbine was Clevelander Charles Brush, who ran his entire Euclid Avenue mansion off of one for 20 years, which later made the cover of Scientific American in 1888. (2) Although the use of alternate energy didn't rise a great deal afterwards, this event did open the eyes for many environmentalists. Wind power is only one of our several “energy source[s] whose...

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Wind Farm

Background/History on the Wind Power Industry The wind power industry first developed in Iran around 200 B.C. The first windmills were vertical axis wind turbines, which were used for pumping water and grinding whole grains for food consumption. The Chinese, Romans and Afghans all used windmills around this time for similar use. In the 13th century Holland started developing large horizontal axis windmills. These four-blade windmills were larger, carried more torque and wind speed and could do more...

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Wind Power

power and wind power. A highly controversial source of environmentally-friendly energy is wind power. Wind power is often criticized because turbines are often assumed to be noisy, unsightly, expensive, a waste of space and a hazard for birds, but many of these beliefs are either untrue or have no evidence to support them. This paper will outline common arguments against wind power, prove them to be false, and show why wind power should be implemented as a major energy source worldwide. Wind power...

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Inherit the wind

Inherit the wind and the teaching of Evolution The TV movie, Inherit the wind, was made to portray the 1925 "Scopes Monkey Trial." The original 1960 version of this movie have been shown in classrooms across the nation, and is said to be historical. It has influenced many people against evolution. From just seeing the movie, anyone can conclude that religious fundamentalist are unreasonable, while evolutionist are rational thinkers. In the discussion below, several parts of the movie are compared...

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Environmental Science - Wind

Renewable Energy Wind Abstract We have been harnessing the wind’s energy for hundreds of years. From old Holland to farms in the United States, windmills have been used for pumping water and grinding grain. Today, the windmill’s modern equivalent, a wind turbine, can use the wind’s energy to generate electricity. Wind turbines can be used as stand-alone applications, such as for pumping water or to help reduce homeowners’ electric bills, or they can be connected to a utility power...

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Gone with the Wind

He sinks even lower as he sacrifices his honor—the only thing he still values in himself—by accepting charity from Scarlett in the form of a share in her mill and by kissing her twice. Themes The Transformation of Southern Culture Gone with the Wind is both a romance and a meditation on the changes that swept the American South in the 1860s. The story begins in 1861, in the days before the Civil War, and ends in 1871, after the Democrats regain power in Georgia. As the Civil War begins, the...

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Proposal for Airborne Wind Turbines

26 September, 2012 Wind Energy Solutions 9237 Juliette Dr. El Paso, TX 65485 ------------------------------------------------- (345) 444-5924 ------------------------------------------------- TO: Mike Molt, Design Engineer Manager FROM: Bron Herson, Design Engineer Intern DATE: 26 September, 2012 ------------------------------------------------- SUBJECT: Proposal to research airborne wind energy generation to compare and contrast the difference between wind turbine systems and airborne...

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Wind in the Willows

The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame is a novel that was published in 1908 that illuminates many characteristics and lessons that are valuable to obtain in life. Throughout the adventurous journey of the characters, Grahame uses the settings, themes, and symbolic symbols to convey the morals of the novel. The plot of the story stems from the personalities of the four main characters of Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger. Wealthy, Self-centered and opinionated but yet affectionate are words that can...

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Sip for Wind Turbines.

Background of the Study A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind, also called wind energy, into mechanical energy in a process known as wind power. If the mechanical energy is used to produce electricity, the device may be called a wind turbine or wind power plant. If the mechanical energy is used to drive machinery, such as for grinding grain or pumping water, the device is called a windmill or wind pump. Similarly, it may be referred to as a wind charger when used for charging...

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Hypothesis Testing - Statistics

arrival of colder winter weather always seemed to follow a period of increased winds. A new hypothesis that the colder 2004 Christmas vacation period was windier than that of 2005 was developed. The friends researched the wind speed of the holiday periods and implemented the five-step process for hypothesis testing. Hypothesis The average wind for the 15 days in 2004 Christmas holiday vacation is not equal to the average wind speed for 15 days of the 2005 Christmas holiday vacation. After secondary...

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Sinclair Ross's Praire Isolation by Symbolism: "The Lamp at Noon"

short story that focuses on the reality of the desiccated, secluded, and expansive prairies. Set on the haunting Canadian prairies, weather emulates the emotions of Ellen, a housewife desperate for freedom of the dustbowl lifestyle. The authority of wind and dust seem to taunt Ellen and her husband, Paul, into desperation. Ross applies symbolism across the pages of "The Lamp at Noon" to inform the reader of the lonely emotions that are wrought by the desolate and barren prairies. In Ross's short story...

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Fluitec Wind Case Study

Homework Questions: 1. What might drive wind farm operators to adopt a more aggressive attitude towards the utilization of predictive analytics using monitoring and operations data to run the business? 1. Diminishing the cost of hiring maintenance groups 2. Shorter the time of responding bugs &reports 3. Collecting the trend of damage report, and having better communication with engineering or manufacturing department in case of necessary adjustment or improvement for different geographic conditions...

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Wind Mill - Working Model

Science Vacation Project Wind Mill An efficient and economical model for generating electrical energy INDEX Acknowledgement….…………………………………………………………….. 3 Introduction………………………………………………………………………..4 Topic………………………………………………………………………………5 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………...7 Bibliography………………………………………………………………………8 Acknowledgement I’m happy to say that I chose this topic as I learnt a great deal of information while writing this report. It was while developing the working model...

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19.1 Power outline earth space science

19.1 P.O. Air Pressure and Wind P.1:1. Swirling in complex patterns, air moves constantly across Earth’s surface. Wind, which is the horizontal movement of air, helps to moderate surface temperatures, distribute moisture, and generally cleanse the atmosphere. 2. Although several forces affect the direction in which the air moves, differences in air pressure are what set the air in motion. A. What is Air Pressure? P.2:1. “light as air” is a common expression, but a column of air that stretches...

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Tropical Cyclone and Scale Hurricane Structure

with a violent wind. A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, the general term for all circulating weather systems counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere over tropical waters. When a hurricane is formed over the western Pacific, these hurricanes are called “typhoons,” and similar storms in the Indian Ocean are called “cyclones”. There are three classifications of Tropical cyclones: Tropical Depression – is an organized system of thunderstorms with sustained winds of 38 mph. Tropical...

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Geograph Atmosphere .

role of ocean currents and winds in transferring heat energy? 5. How does unequal heating cause high and low pressure belts? 6. Where are the main high and low pressure regions of the world? 7. What is the tri-cellular circulation? 8. How do winds develop? 9. What are pressure gradient, Coriolis force and geostrophic flow? 10. Which winds are related to global air circulation? 11. What are the characteristics of air masses? 12. Which winds are related to regional and...

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Typhoons (Philippines)

of dense convective clouds. The winds of eyewalls are the highest and generally cause the most damage. Spiraling into the eyewalls are more convective cloud regions referred to as spiral bands. These areas contain heavy winds and extend out from the typhoon eye. How Typhoons Form Typhoons or hurricanes form in hot, humid conditions over the ocean when winds traveling in opposite directions meet, a phenomenon known as convergence. As the opposing winds collide, hot air is forced upward...

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Vestas Wind

Vest Wind 1 Vestas Wind is the largest manufactor of wind turbines in the world they employ 23,000 people and have branch offices in 32 different countries. Vestas Wind was founded in Lem Denmark in 1945, by Peder Hansen . by the year 1970 Vestas Wind had manufactured and installed Over 1 thousand turbine windmills to 24 different countries. In the last thirty years it has produced ...

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Imagery in Virgil's "The Aeneid"

the element of wind throughout the story to give readers an understanding of the events happening, he also uses wind to represent an obstacle: He gave the hollow mountainside a stroke, And, where a portal opened, winds in rank, As though drawn up for battle, hurtled through, To blow across the earth in hurricane, Eastwind and Southwind, then the wild Southwest with squall on squall came scudding down, Rolling high combers shoreward. (Virgil 933) Virgil’s use of the imagery of wind allows the reader...

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Chapter 8 and 9 study guide

part of AICE CH 7 Explain how wind, temperature, density, the Coriolis effect and the shape of the sea bed produce ocean currents and upwelling. Ocean currents are the continuous movement of ocean water driven by forces acting on the water, including: wind, waves, the Coriolis effect, temperature, salinity and tides. The contours of the sea bed influence the strength and direction of the current. Surface ocean currents are generally driven by the wind and characteristically have a clockwise...

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Orissa Supercyclones

since 1971. The storm made landfall just weeks after a Category 4 storm hit the same general area. Millions of people remained homeless and over 20 thousand dead in the century's worst cyclone that ripped through coastal Orissa. Super-cyclone with winds 260-300 km/hour (hurricane category 5) hit the 90 mile coast of Orissa with a storm surge that created the Bay-of-Bengal water level 30 feet higher than normal. The water rushed violently to submerge the coastal areas including the port city of Paradip...

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Advantages of Wind Power

|   | ADVANTAGES OF WIND POWER: |   |   | 1. The wind is free and with modern technology it can be captured efficiently. 2. Once the wind turbine is built the energy it produces does not cause green house gases or other pollutants. 3. Although wind turbines can be very tall each takes up only a small plot of land. This means that the land below can still be used. This is especially the case in agricultural areas as farming can still continue. 4. Many people find wind farms an interesting...

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English Formal Essay #2

and how it affected their works. Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress,” set in the 1650’s, has an overarching theme of mortality, in that one must make the most of what little time they have alive. Similarly, Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind,” set in the early 1800’s, has a mortality theme, although he conveys that death is natural for rebirth into new life. Death not only occurs in the form of humans and nature, but in cultures and tradition as well. Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” is a great...

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advanced degree. In the extract, we first encounter Vianne with her daughter Anouk as they brave the harsh wind and settle into the new village. "We came on the wind of the carnival." The quoted piece of literature displays the sly exotic wind, a rather unusual one for February. To some extent, the wind presents the characters of Vianne and Anouk as they are independent and wild, the same as the wind that brought in the carnival. Reminiscent of the carnival, the narrator and her daughter are very bright...

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Aesop Fables

possible for even a Mouse to con benefits on a Lion." The Wind and the Sun The Wind and the Sun were disputing which was the stronger. Suddenly they saw a traveler coming down the road, and the Sun Said: "I see a way to decide our dispute. Whichever of us can cause that traveler to take off his cloak shall be regarded as The stronger. You begin." So the Sun retired behind a cloud, and The Wind began to blow as hard as it could upon the traveler. But the harder he blew...

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Clt3378 Essay 2

the thunder, the lightening, the rain etc. As the author of Enuma Elish says, Marduk created “the four winds, the seven winds, the tornado, the unfaceable facing wind. He released the winds in which he had created, seven of them.” As one can see from this scene, Marduk was no ordinary god but a god of power, and superiority. In the Baal Cycle, Baal is known as the “Rider on the Clouds” or the wind god. Again, we have another god that is not the physical storm god. Baal just controls them, just as Marduk...

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How Does ‘Exposure’ by Wilfred Owen Tackle the Theme of War?

he says: ‘Our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knife us…’ This line explains how the winds are so cold and strong that it feels like it is cutting the soldiers. It is like the wind is slowly killing them by stabbing them to death. Owen has also said the winds are merciless showing the wind isn’t showing any pity for the soldiers which is quite similar to the enemy’s attitude towards them. The use of personifying the icy winds creates a sense of suffering towards the soldiers. Furthermore...

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Weather Project

shows the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it, and a wind meter, a device used for measuring wind speed. All of my recordings were taken from my home in Cheyenne, WY. There were variations at times from my recorded data and what was recorded by these other sources, but that can be explained by many different situations. Some of the variations in wind speed for example could have been that my house was blocking more wind than in other areas it was recorded or that the temperature differences...

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Black Saturday Bushfires

recorded. Temperatures in the mid to high 40s with wind speeds in excess of 100 km/h, which fanned the fires over large distances and areas which created several large firestorms and pyrocumulus systems. A pyrocumulus is literally a fire cloud, it is a dense cumuliform cloud associated with fire or volcanic activity. A cool change hit the state in the early evening, bringing with it gale-force south-westerly wings in excess of 120 km/h. This change in wind direction caused the long eastern flanks of the...

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Velocity and Plane

km/h relative to the air. If the pilot points the plane straight north, when there is a wind of 80 km/h blowing towards the west, what will the resultant velocity of the plane be? 2. An airplane pilot checks her instruments and finds that the speed of the plane relative to the air is 325 km/h. The instruments also show that the plane is pointed in a direction [S3O°W]. A radio report indicates that the wind velocity is 80 km/h[W]. What is the velocity of the plane relative to the ground as recorded...

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African American

| warm air. |   Scientists predict that the American Southwest will experience ____________ in precipitation over the present century. Answer | | a decrease | | | an increase |   The Santa Ana wind is an example of a Answer | | chinook-type wind. | | | katabatic wind. | | | mountain breeze. | | | valley breeze. | | | sea breeze. | A squall line contains which type of clouds? Answer | | cirrus | | | stratus | | | cumulonimbus | | | cirrostratus...

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Cause and Effect of Tornadoes

tornadoes from EF0-EF5. EF0 is winds from 65-85 miles per hour (mph) with light damage, broken trees, gutters, and roof surfaces. EF1 is winds from 86-110 mph with moderate damage, mobile homes turn over, loss of exterior doors, window, and other glass broken. EF2 is winds from 111-135 mph with considerable damage, roofs torn off, homes shifted off foundations, mobile homes destroyed, and large trees snapped, large missiles such as cars lifted off the ground. EF3 is winds from 136-165 mph with severe...

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Explain How Urban Heat Islands Develop? to What Extent Uhi Influence

also a reduction in heat dispersion due to altered airflow where wind speed is reduced lower than that of rural areas due to friction posed by urban structures. Average wind speeds are usually at least 5% lower than that of rural areas. For instance, winds exceeding 10.5m/s were recorded at the open Croydon Airport, a suburb in London for a total of 371 hours yet the same wind speed only lasted 13 hrs in South Kensington. This reduced wind speed coupled with black radiation from tall buildings further...

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Pliant Like a Bamboo

called upon the wind to make the decision. The wind blew hardest. The mango tree stood fast. It would not yield. It knew it was strong and sturdy. It would not sway. It was too proud. It was too sure of itself. But finally its root gave way, and it tumbled down. The bamboo tree was wiser. It knew it was not as robust as the mango tree. And so every time the wind blew, it bent its head gracefully. It made loud protestations, but let the wind have its way. When finally the wind got tired of blowing...

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