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  • Winds of Change: Use of Wind Energy in India

    Wind is an important source of non-conventional energy which is cheap‚ pollution-free‚ envi­ronment friendly and can be developed away from the sources of conventional energy. This energy was utilised in sailing ships and wind mills since ancient days. In India the generation of electric power through wind mills started in 1950 and by March 1993 about 2‚900 wind pump sets has been installed in seven states of the country. At the beginning of the Eighth Plan the installed capacity of wind-based

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  • Thunderstorm: Wind and Warm Saturday Afternoon

    told the maid to collect the clothes‚ just in case it rained. The sky suddenly turned black. Angry clouds were racing across the sky. I was quite astonished by the speed at which the clouds turned colour. A gust of cold wind whooshed towards me‚ hitting my cheeks. The wind grew stronger‚ swirling and pushing against the blinds on the veranda. As I was getting up to return to my room‚ a pale flash of lightning made shadows flicker against the walls of the veranda. This was followed moments

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  • Global Wind Patterns

    Global Wind The region of Earth receiving the Sun’s direct rays is the equator. Here‚ air is heated and rises‚ leaving low pressure areas behind. Moving to about thirty degrees north and south of the equator‚ the warm air from the equator begins to cool and sink. Between thirty degrees latitude and the equator‚ most of the cooling sinking air moves back to the equator. The rest of the air flows toward the poles. The air movements toward the equator are called trade winds- warm‚ steady breezes

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  • Mansion: Wind and Handmade Grandfather Clock

    windows were boarded up and had cobwebs in every corner. The bare trees scratched and scraped against the large‚ dark house‚ as the wind howled below. I zipped up my jacket when the wind started to pick up and then took out the key my grandfather had once given me‚ I carefully slid it into the gold padlock on the doors. As I was about to open the door the strong winter wind took another blow and opened it for me‚ it unveiled the once beautiful mansion that now collects dust. The old wooden floors creaked

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  • Ode to the West Wind

    Paul Kintzele 10/01/05 Wild West Wind An ode is a poem with extraordinary lyrics‚ aiming at loftier thought‚ and more complex formal structure than most lyrics. Another characteristic of an ode is that they are often addressed at something or someone. An ode is a long lyric poem‚ highly interested in a specific subject‚ tone‚ and style‚ often written to celebrate an event‚ person‚ being or power. In which in "Ode to the West wind"‚ Shelley describes the winds mighty power and fierce strength

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  • Gone with the Wind

    A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook Title: GONE WITH THE WIND Author: Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949) eBook No.: 0200161.txt Edition: 1 Language: English Character set encoding: ASCII--7 bit Date first posted: February 2002 Date most recently updated: February 2002 This eBook was produced by: Don Lainson dlainson@sympatico.ca Production notes: Nil Project Gutenberg of Australia eBooks are created from printed editions which are in the public domain in Australia‚ unless a copyright notice is included

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  • Compare And Contrast Wind And Storm On An Island

    Compare and Contrast The poems Wind by Ted Hughes and Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney have several differences and some similarities. The poems differ in various ways‚ they leave readers with distinct emotions‚ have different perspectives or narrators. Both poems have a metaphor that clarifies the meaning. For example in the poem Wind‚ Hughes uses words that clearly invoke vulnerability and interprets the weaker side of humans. By using words like ‘trembling’‚ ‘shatter’ ‘quiver’

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  • Canoeing: Wind and Sunny July Morning

    you‚” my friend Traice picked. I didn’t reply and I tried to act like I was not bothered by the growing clouds. By this point the wind had began to pick up and you could hear the thunder rolling in the distance. This was not a good sign considering we still had several hours before we reached the end of our trip. About an hour into our journey the winds had increased greatly‚ the thunder grew loader‚ and the rain began to come down. “We need to get out of the water!” my friend Kaitlyn

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  • Is Wind Power Green

    Is Wind Power Green Julia Hoke SCI 207 Cynthia Collins December 10‚ 2012 1 Is Wind Power Green? As people around the world feel the sting created by the energy crisis‚ many electric companies and private individuals are seeking to find alternatives to fossil fuel contingent energy. Along with other renewable sources of energy available currently‚ wind energy is growing at a pace that is surpassing that of solar energy. With all the alternative energy resources‚ wind power does have

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  • Residential Wind Turbines

    Feasibility of Residential Wind Turbines As Americans work to reduce fossil fuel dependence and look to more environmentally friendly energy sources‚ the use of wind energy technology has become the fastest growing segment of the energy market. The feasibility of residential wind turbines mainly comes down to wind resource‚ economic feasibility‚ and consumer acceptance. The use of residential wind turbines is certainly feasible in some areas‚ however; I do not believe they are feasible on a wide-scale

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