Wind and Beach

Topics: Wind, Measurement, Coast Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Two methods used :
beach fabric anaylysis and measuring Cliff height.
Beach fabric analysis and profile:
Equipment used:
Quadrat, Written recording sheets, Measuring tape , Tennis balls, Stopwatch, Ranging poles, Clinometer ( Homemade ), Compass, Anomemeter. Beach profile : To show that this is a sandy beach and was made from erosional process. The Quadrat:

·I threw the quadrat along the foreshore midshore and backshore so I could begin my investigation of the beach.I then procceded to take samples from each of the corners of the quadrat to find my results of what was most common in that area. ·I took in a total of 48 samples from the areas of all the quadrats locations along the beach.The results that came back to me was that Fine Sand was most evident on the beach , being most common on the backshore I found and less as I moved up the beach to the foreshore.Maran Grass was also evident mostly on the backshore I noticed as carring out my analysis. ·While carrying out my analysis I measured each stone in the quadrat by measuring them along its broad and narrow axis because this was proven to be the most accurate way of getting the results. The scale I used to carry my analysis out was a modified krumbrien phi scale. I carryed this out three times and I collected four samples from each of the quadrats Profile Of Beach Slope:

·I Placed the ranging poles at equal depths along the beach. Then by using a clinometer I measured an angle of the beach by placing the clinometer on the ranging poles.I then proceeded to measure the distance between the ranging the poles. ·The Transect line I used went from the low water mark to the backshore and I measured this by using measuring tape.What I did when I found dips on the beach was place ranging poles in them. I placed a total of seven ranging poles and the equipment we used to measure the angles was a Clinometer.

Wave Frequency:
To examine the effect of wave action and decide if the waves where...
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