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Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & BusinessBachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing
BBDT3063 Integrated Marketing Communications
Year 3 SEM 1
Individual Assignment
Title: Proton Iriz (Commercial Advertisement)
Tiger D’Sara (Print Advertisement)
Name : ONG WEI KEAT 13WBR12285
Tutorial Group : RMK Group 6
Tutor’s Name: Mr Lim Chin Hock
Date of Submission : 31 October 2014

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Faculty of Accounting, Finance & Business
Plagiarism Statement
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Programme:Bachelor of Business (Honors) Marketing
Tutorial Group:RMK Group 6

Date: 31/ 10 / 2014
1.0 Introduction of Proton IrizProton, the Malaysian automobile manufacturer has created a brand new car which is The Proton Iriz. The Proton Iriz is known as the Proton Compact Car or Proton Global Small Car. The Proton Company has conducted a project development named five-door supermini to create Proton Iriz. The Proton current chairman and founding father of Proton Savvy which is former RM Dr.Mahatir Mohammad has launched The Proton Iriz on 25 September 2014 in Tanjung Malim, Perak. The Proton Iriz is distributed to two branches which are all new range of 1.3LVVT and 1.6LVVT Proton engines. It is also designed with a larger emphasis on global markets and met Euro 4 emission.
Objective of Proton Iriz TVC
Why every company wants to advertise and promote their new product? In business point of view, as we know it is because the organization wants to increase sales in order to earn more profit brings to their company and defeat other competitors. Proton Company develop new product Proton Iriz is planning to create brand awareness and attract customers’ attention. In customer point of view, we can see the whole

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