Panera Bread Company

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Strategic Business Plan

CHN - International Hospitality & Office Management
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January, 2010

Table of Content

1. Executive summary4
2. Introduction5
3. Description of the Panera Bread company6
4. Strategies being pursued by the company10
5. Future trends which will have impact on the company15 6. Future possibilities 17
7. “The way forward” 20


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Executive Summary
In front of you lies the new Strategic business plan for the Panera Bread company. This report includes the most important analysis needed for developing new or adapting strategies.

The external analysis used mainly focuses on the economical and social issues, and gives a overview of the relevant market and it’s competition. Internally we find some key information concerning the company. At the moment the Panera bread company offers a lot of good products, has a strong position on the niche market and has a lot of loyal costumers. When looking at the TOWS matrix, three favorable strategies emerge. The first option is to focus on a loyalty program. This would increase guest and staff satisfaction and therefore increase popularity on the market. The second option is to stay ahead of competition by developing new and adapting old products. With this option the future expectations of costumers will be met. The third and last option is to expand the company by entering the Asian market. This is expected to increase brand awareness and a creation of a strong competitive position.


A new strategic business plan has been made for the Panera Bread Company. The meaning of this report is to give a good advice for a modification of an existing strategy as well as an advice on new strategic options. This all has been done by researching the external market and by making use of existing internal information of the company. The strategic trends of the USA have been used to see what impact these have on the current strategies of the company. According to the outcome of the trends three sets of scenarios have been made. When a clear view is created on the current situation of the existing strategies finally a new strategic proposal has been given.

3.0 Description of the Panera Bread Company
When making a strategic business plan it is of great importance to go into depth on the internal information of the company itself. When this information is gained a description is given of items that are relevant and of importance when developing a new business plan. The Panera Bread Company is specialized in offering fresh baked food, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, soups, all kind of coffees and other related beverages. The areas, in which the company operates, are the United States and Canada. The Headquarter of Panera Bread Company is located in Richmond Heights in Missouri. The Company employs around 9,300 people. The Panera Bread Company is considered to be a limited liability company. The company has 1252 operating bakery-cafes of which the company itself owns 527 and 725 are franchises operated. The company has three operation levels namely Panera Bread, Saint Louis Bread Co. and Paradise Bakery & Cafe brands. These bakery-cafes offer a large assortment of products like fresh baked goods, made-to-order sandwiches, soups, salads, custom roasted coffees, and other complementary products, as well as catering. At the end of 2008 the company bakery-cafe operations division consisted of 562 company-owned bakery-cafes that are all located in the United States. The...
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