rising higher

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Rising Higher
By Atty. Arnold F. Caballero
It must have been a dry and meaningless life if nothing impels anyone to do something. As for me, I preoccupied myself with the responsibility that I have with my family. My mantra : When I’m doing the best for my family I am doing it for someone above. It all revolves around the same principle as I go around my weekly routine. Thus, I have to joggle from one job to another and one appointment to another. I am too engrossed with earning income in order to secure the needs of the family. I rushed to obtain insurance coverage for at least 3 firms and invest in securities to at least secure the future of my family. I struggled to increased my savings in my back accounts. I overburdened myself of acquiring properties in instalment basis. I had taken up these challenges overzealously in the interest of my family and their future.

But deep inside me, I know these are superficial. I had this realization a year ago when I joined a lawyers training. We had this training at least twice a year as part of our Mandatory Continuing Learning Program. One topic is about Legal Ethics which the organizers brought in a speaker from Manila and this guy a lawyer-turned charismatic speaker challenged us lawyers to reevaluate our goals. He begin with a weird question of: What drives you? He begin with telling us his life story as he has once being preoccupied with too much power. He began using his powers( authorities) to escape minor traffic violations and realized he could do much more. Then events turned out different from what he wants a case was of magnitude of importance was assigned to him while being at the office of Ombudsman. Suddenly, someone approached him offered him millions of pesos just to weaken/dismiss a case he is handling. He went home look at his family and with so much reflection, he decided...
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