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Topics: Personal life, Management, Plan Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Keeping the habit of planning for everyday

Tremendous changes happened in my life since 3 years earlier I followed the suggestion of my Mathematics teacher to keep a habit of everyday planning. Three years later today as I recall the period when implementing the plan, several big contrasts are presented clearly in front me, before and after planning, to the extent that I really have to list them out here. Because an everyday plan makes my life substantial and leads me closer to my dream and success, yet no planning leads me to an aimless life.

There is proverb which says that we can tell how successful a person is by watching what he does during his spare time. I once was such kind of guy with no planning, so during weekends or holidays I always felt so boring and have nothing to do and just do what attracted my attention temporarily. Even during the school hours, I needed to spent several time figuring out what I should study next and other things I should do, thus wasting a lot time in rethinking for that day’s objective and rescheduling for that day. But now, I have formed a habit of planning. A plan reminds me the task I should accomplish everyday in a timely order, and the only thing I need to do is to just take a look at it and absorb myself in the next task immediately. So compared with no planning at all, it saves me some time that cannot be neglected.

Previously, I was regarded as a person who did whatever called to my mind. Surely, some main task of that day have been missed and sometimes I did things that had nothing to do with my future success and dream, or even contradicts with my main life paths. The consequence for the accumulation of these kind of status is that I had to spare some extra time to adjust my lifestyle and pick up the initial dream I have and the hope my parent s hold for me. Fortunately, I began to write some plans for everyday, and they form a big plan for my future. In this way, I list all the necessary things for me...
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