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National Basketball Association

Economic Effects of the NBA Lockout The National Basketball Players Association lockout greatly affected the United States economy. Greedy team owners and greedy players fighting over large amounts of money caused the lockout. In March of 1998, team owners felt that they were paying players too much money, causing clubs to lose money, so they voted to reopen discussions on the collective bargaining agreement. The players on the other hand felt that any team financial problems were the owners doing...

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History of Basketball

History of Basketball Basketball was invented in December 1891 by the Canadian clergyman, educator, and physician James Naismith. Naismith introduced the game when we was an instructor at the Young Men's Christian Association Training School (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts. At the request of his superior, Dr. Luther H. Gulick, he organized a vigorous recreation suitable for indoor winter play. The game involved elements of American football, soccer, and hockey, and the first...

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The Evolution of Basketball

The Evolution of Basketball Basketball has been played over 100 years and it is one of the most widely played sports in the world. James A. Naismith started basketball in December 1891. He tried to make a sport that would be played between football and baseball seasons. It should be indoors, due to the weather. He made the rules on December 21, 1891. Naismith declined the name Naismith ball. A player suggested the name of basketball. Naismith wanted two square crates but...

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Basketball History

to do the history of basketball because basketball has always been one of my favorite sports and basketball is an entertaining game to watch and to play. The game of basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1839. The objective of the game back then was to throw the basketball into fruit baskets nailed to the lower railing gym balcony. Every time a point was scored, the game was halted so the janitor could bring out a ladder and retrieve the ball. The game of basketball has developed over time...

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National Basketball Association and Super Bowl

THE YEAR OF 1989 BY DAMIAN The Boston Celtics went 52 and 30. But they did not when the nba championship the Detroit pistons did. The Boston Celtics had Larry bird a feature nba hall of famer. In the nfl the 49ers won the super bowl against the denver broncos. But loe Montana was the season mvp annt 52 and 30. But they did not when the nba championship the Detroit pistons did. The Boston Celtics had Larry bird a feature nba hall of famer. In the nfl the 49ers won the super bowl against the denver...

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Basketball Trivia

NBA-backed Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) began in what year? 1997. How many times did the Boston Celtics win the NBA championship between 1957 and 1969? A: 11. Q: How many NBA titles did Magic Johnson help the Lakers win as a player? A: Five. Q: What NBA hoopster is known as "The Worm"? A: Dennis Rodman. Q: What NBA coach got cosmic by penning the Zen book Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior? A: Phil Jackson Who invented the first basketball used in an...

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Basketball and Physical Education Departments

that people will carry this out. After the issuing of Title IX, many women in sports wished to step forward and be recognized. Part of the recognition they wanted was to be included in National Sports Associations like the men's National Basketball Association. Eventually their cries were heard, and sports associations like the NBA agreed to merge and include women. Becoming included was an eye opening experience to many of these women and they have faced (and still do) doubts and discrimination from...

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November 8 2012 Mrs.Chaffin Point Guard The point guard position is an important position in the game of basketball. A point guard is sometimes referred to as the “General,” because they are usually the leader of the team and call the shots. Without a good point guard, it becomes a lot harder to keep control of the game. The point guard position is the most vital position in the game of basketball. Most people do not understand the importance of a point guard or the qualities it takes. People assume...

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Dunkstar basketball courts are engineered with the most advanced technology for high performance & added safety. The multi-patent design of DunkStar courts has superior all-weather grip and shock-absorbing towers to help protect against injury and stress.With over 15 color choices and custom logo options, the design possibilities for your custom basketball court are virtually limitless. DunkStar DIY Courts are UV stable and backed by a 16 year warranty.Do-it-Yourself Kits - We offer a complete line...

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National Basketball Game Analysis

last several years there have been many changes that the National Basketball Association made in order to increase the popularity of the game. The National Basketball Association increased the popularity of basketball by changing how the game was played. By changing how the game was played the National Basketball Association brought in sports fans that had originally disliked basketball. The remodeling that the National Basketball Association made involved the transformation of the center position...

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